Thursday August 7, 2014

Heartfelt apology to Malayalam composer Viswajith

Posted by Karthik

I came across a song recently that is the kind that makes me go weak in my knees. Few songs do that to me, given how much new music I sample and the amount of music I generally listen to. It was shared by singer Srinivas on Facebook, and given the silly film name (Teens!) and the pic of 2 ladies sitting with the angle obviously showcasing more of their legs, I didn’t even bother to read Srinivas’ comments and ignored it. Then, Agam’s Harish Sivaramakrishnan reshared the same song video and that’s when I felt compelled to actually listen to the song. Why don’t you listen to the song too?

I found the song to be incredibly beautiful! Shweta Mohan’s vocals is right up there with the best!

The song is from a 2013 film. It was even uploaded on YouTube an year ago! And I had completely missed this song!! Not just that, I did a name search for the composer – Viswajith – and notice that I have no idea about his existence! This, despite him having composed 2 other soundtracks in Malayalam (Veeralipattu, Race), a Malayalam ghazal album featuring Chithra and Hariharan (Malhaar), and another Malayalam album featuring Chithra (Mandaara). There’s more – he has even composed music for a Beary language film (the first film in this language) called Byari, that also won the National award!

I checked out his music from the other films – Veeralipattu (2007) has pretty good music and even the ghazal album has good ghazals based on quite a few raagas! ‘Aalilayum’ from Veeralipattu could easily have passed off as a Vidyasagar song – that good!

I’m going to ignore the 2 songs from Race (2011), but clearly this man is talented! And the apology is for two things – one, for completely missing his music on Milliblog till now and two, for not adding ‘Ee mazha’ from Teens in the 2013 Milliblog Annual best. The song definitely deserves a spot in the top 10, right among the finest.

I’m glad that at least now I’m aware of him and hope to see more good music from him, and that I’m able to track them much earlier.



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