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The title song has a pulsating world music’ish sound and manages the cornucopia of sounds admirably well, headlined by Suchith Sureshan’s confident vocals. Thaane pookum rests on scintillating singing by Saptaparna Chakraborty and Job Kurien and the duo carry Rex’s melody beautifully. Sushin Shyam’s off-beat singing aids the funky sound of Kayethum doorathu, even as […]

Aaryan Dinesh breezes through Vaddi, working with simple lyrics and Sudharshan’s alluring hip-hop sound. En moochum and Counting D’ Cars are Anirudh’ish (already!) – both instantly likeable, groovy pop, while the composer, along with Velmurugan rocks the dance floor in the foot-tapping kuthu, Run for money dude. Jungle in the city has Ranina Reddy and […]

Mazhakatha‘s tune and rhythm is a fantastic mix of Latino and Middle Eastern, along with nadhaswaram too! Groovy tune and well sung by Haricharan, and Vandana sounding a lot like Chinmayi. Odum rayilai checks every box in Imman’s current arsenal of sounds – pulsating rhythm, a Raja’ish melody that is instantly likeable and sweeping strings… […]

The Friendship Anthem starts off in conventional rock anthemic style, but starting the funky first interlude, it shifts impressively into next gear, as Don Raja Elvis joins Sooraj Santosh. Merise merise is easily likeable, with its simple, ambient backgrounds and easy, sing-along tune, sung well by Rahul himself. Najim Arshad sounds good in the pleasant […]

Bey yaar sapna nava has a decent pop sound that doesn’t add anything beyond managing to sound generically good. But Sachin sings the song’s other, more pensive version, Bey yaar tara vina and this one has a lot more heart! Kirti Sagathia handles Rakkhad in his quintessential style, with generous Gujarati touch too, while the […]

Fanny re is so un-Goan, employs very Punjabi lyrics and is sung by a Rajasthani singer, Mukhtiyar Ali! The song has a wacky, distinctly-European sound, and carries an undeniable charm! The song’s other version, Mahi ve, is ditto, with just Fanny replaced with Mahi! Mathias Duplessy croons Ding dong himself and the French-Portuguese mix is […]

Tuesday August 19, 2014 20:27

Peruchazhi (Music review), Malayalam – Arrora

Adichu polikkam has a forceful sound befitting an intro song and Karthik does a great job rendering it with verve. Don’t mess with me is lively, abstract hip-hop; Blaaze is apt for the zany mix. Blaaze’s other song, United States of Adipolica is significantly more streamlined hip-hop and uses predictable tropes of the genre to […]

Vaanga makka serves as a spirited introduction to the film’s theater troupe backdrop and is fabulously sung by Haricharan and Dr.Narayanan. Aye Mr.Minor‘s retro orchestration is as significant as its beautifully flowing Maand tune (evoking Sangamam’s Sowkiyama!), particularly the backgrounds Rahman adopts for the 4-phrase title hook after the first one. Shasha Tirupati (despite ‘Iravulakalai’, […]

Friday August 15, 2014 21:26

Meaghamann (Music review), Tamil – Thaman

The title song is heavily digitized that literally masks Manasi and Monissha’s voices – the tune too is functional at best, despite the pulsating orchestration. The whole thing repeats itself in another track called Meaghamann Theme! Yaaro yaaro has a catchy sound and even has nifty touches in what ideally is an interesting enough variant […]

Friday August 15, 2014 21:26

Power (Music review), Telugu – Thaman

Adnan Sami seems to be under some kind of pain in Devuda – his singing is unusually strained and the utterly conventional tune doesn’t help either. Badmashu pilla‘s consistently rolling, rollicking rhythm helps is sail through, though it is the usual Thaman bag of musical tricks. Notanki suits Ravi Teja’s outlook perfectly, though he is […]

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