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Rajesh Krishnan breathes life into the lovely tune of Hannagabeku kaayi; Arjun’s orchestration too is clean and perfect, besides the use of chorus! In Hege nee bandhe, Arjun gets Rajesh again, along with Sydaali, and produces a very Harris Jayaraj’ish tune, complete with gibberish interludes and similar ambient arrangements! Rajesh’s third song, Rajakumari, despite the […]

There’s something Sangamam-Rahman about Sudumanal parappil – Dr.Kruthiya’s lyrics are different, and stand out, as much as the four singers’s collective effort, barring minor mismatches, besides Ranjit’s lively tune! Saalaigal is a fantastic tune – possibly Hamir Kalyani (Hamsanaadham?) – wonderfully orchestrated with a ghazal-like feel and superb vocals by VV Prasanna. Karthik and Chinmayi […]

Phonu illa is typical Arjun material – rhythm is bang-on and Vijay Prakash sounds like Arjun too! The title song, sung by Puneeth Rajkumar no less, is a catchy, kuthu affair – foot-tapping, beyond the simple flow. The composer gets Open harisu too right – the rhythm, to start with, is inventively addictive, and Vijay […]

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