Tuesday July 29, 2014

Desi Kattey (Music review), Hindi – Kailash Kher

Posted by Karthik

Kailash and Rahat offer their dependably good vocals in Tak dhoom and the song too flows smoothly with a lilting hook, despite the predictable package. Daagh de is incoherent and outdated, but Kailash gets Rekha Bharadwaj to add gravitas to the item’ish Patnewaali, that helps it surface beyond its templatized sound. The soundtrack’s highlight is the very-Kailasa tunes of Bas tum ho and Albeliya – the former, with its filmy pleasant’ness is beautifully sung by Akriti and Sreekant Krishnamurthy, while the latter has Shreya ruling over the delightfully rich melody! Kailash Kher’s Kailasa sound helps produce a nice, little soundtrack!

Keywords: Kailash Kher, Desi Kattey



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