Thursday July 17, 2014

Daawat-e-ishq (Music review), Hindi – Sajid-Wajid

Posted by Karthik

The title song is a pleasant, catchy power qawali sung with the perfect verve by Javed Ali and Sunidhi – lovely listen! Mannat starts off dreamily, but eventually – and disappointingly – moves on to Sanjay Leela Bhansali territory, thereby diluting the impact completely. Rangreli, despite the energetic sound, is outdated 90s music. Ditto with Jaadu tone walliyan, that, beyond the pulsating sound, sags with sheer pointlessness. But Shayarana closes the soundtrack on a high with its imaginative rock’ish qawali mix, though Shalmali seems to be trying a bit too hard with her fangled vocals. Sajid-Wajid get two songs right!

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  • Sameer

    Karthik bro, why always harsh and biased towards Sajid Wajid?

    Mannat is crazy,bro!

    • rj

      doesnt’ mannat starting remind of pancham? ..anyone?

  • Dev Dev Thamburan

    Dear Karthik bro -the only track that I like is Shayarana. Now have you listened to the instrumental in the album with same name. At the 0:34 mark, I have a feeling that tune is a lift from an old Tamil movie (Indian) by ARR. The rhythm pattern is a lift from a MJ song (Dirty Diana) with a lot of Reverb. It might be my imagination but I think always a 2nd opinion is of no harm.

  • Dev Dev Thamburan

    Bro have u checked the happenings @ Music Mojo. Its mind blowing. Why not reviews on those efforts by new talents. Just go to the link below –

  • arziyaan

    Boring songs. It seems like the entire album song is ripped off from those techno qawalli songs Anu JL and SEL made popular in the mid-2000s….

    Only shayrana is good.

    • Jaydeep

      I haven’t heard other songs..but title song does have distinct Anu Malik flavor. Reminds me of Jaane ke jane na from Jaaneman.

      • arziyaan

        Honestly I’m not surprised if they used them for their base. Sajid Wajid have ripped off a lot of Anu songs in the early half of their career especially (kind of like Himesh did before he got into his whole Sufi-pop phase). If you ever heard Mashooka (2005) – Aapse Mohabbat Ho Gayi is a really good example of how much they copy Anu Malik. Someone hilariously pasted this song to the Gundaraj song they copied it from (tho they were inspired from other songs too). I honestly am convinced this had to be some sort of music bank Anu song S-W were wrongly credited for…. It’s that blatant.

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