Monday July 7, 2014

Kick (Music review), Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros Anjjan & Yo Yo Honey Singh

Posted by Karthik

Jumme ki raat has a definite Pancham swagger, but Himesh’s one hook repetition snuffs its life out. Mika sings it better, while Salman croaks uncomfortably. Himesh’s other song, Tu hi tu, is an engaging melody undone by its monotonous music; Neeti and Mohd. Irfan do well in their versions, while the digital corrections are mighty apparent in Salman’s version. He does better in Meet Bros Anjaan’s Hangover, which belies its name and ends up as a likeable hip-hop song! Honey Singh’s Yaar naa miley is a well-assembled dance track, with Jasmine Sandlas’ vocals as its highlight! Short, surprisingly decent soundtrack!

Keywords: Kick, Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros Anjjan, Yo Yo Honey Singh



  • Sun Sunny

    “Himesh’s one hook repetition snuffs its life out..”

    What does reviewer mean by this ??

    The only saving grace in the album are the two songs composed by Himesh…

    The only blunder by him is to make Salman sing…. which sounds pathetic and kills the otherwise decent songs.

    The rest two songs sound plain mediocre, with Honey Singh’ song being absolutely spoiltsport… but that sounds gem to the reviewer…

    KUDOS to the reviewer….

    Please Please….Please…. Stop bashing Himesh… Be fair to the composer….

    • BrB

      Yep, this dude bashes music composers he doesn’t like. #Fact

  • Gokul Nath S

    The Honey Singh song will probably work when the video is out, but as a standalone, my ears are bleeding. Hangover is plain mediocre. The only good thing about the album are the Himesh songs, Jumme Ki Raat and Tu Hi Tu. Repetitive hooks, yes, but thoroughly engaging.

  • Aakash

    Why is the word ‘surprisingly’ used everytime Himesh gives out a nice soundtrack? He has a stellar record, and you can expect at least one chartbuster in every album of his, yet you underestimate him.

    • milliblog

      That was meant for Salman starrers, not Himesh’s soundtracks.

      • Aakash

        You used the words ‘surprisingly tuneful soundtrack’ for The Xpose as well!
        Which, I’m sure you’ll agree was one of his better albums post his ‘I-will-give-music-only-for-movies-that-I-act-in’ era.

        • milliblog

          Oh that was definitely meant for Himesh, in Xpose, since he was indeed surprising after his horrendous music in Policegiri and Shortcut Romeo… his earlier soundtracks before Xpose.

          • Aakash

            Fair enough. 🙂

  • Jaydeep

    Do you hear a little bit of Chintata influence going on in jumme ki raat as well, apart from Pancham swag or is it just me?

  • arziyaan

    I am surprised NO ONE else mentioned or noticed how much Jumme Ki Raat musical tune/interludes (not the actual tune of the song) sounds a lot like the tune of “Taale Lagale Pehre Bithale” from the long-forgotten Anand Milind OST Jaan Se Pyara (1992).

    I would normally dismiss similarities but the other recent inspiration of “Ice Cream” from Xpose sounding a lot like “Mera Dil Kho Gaya” from Aazmayish (1995), I am convinced Himesh is hitting up the Anand Milind music bank!

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