Tuesday June 10, 2014

Salim (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Antony

Posted by Karthik

MS Viswanathan’s cult song from Ninaithaale Inikkum gets a dance-floor remix in Avala nambithan. It is adequately catchy and works thanks to the original’s appeal. Ulagam unnal uses the remix’s prominent Middle Eastern piece, but is otherwise very generic, despite the Shankar Mahadevanesque singing by Prabhu Poodala. Mascara too is foot-tapping in a familiar, very Vijay Antony way. Yusuf’s Prayer is ambient and pious. Unnai kanda naal mudhal is a good techno melody much like a Viju Shah number, with good vocals by Supriya and Srinivasa. Vijay Antony’s music in Salim is right within the template that he’s known for.

Keywords: Vijay Antony, Salim



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