Monday May 26, 2014

Humshakals (Music review), Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya

Posted by Karthik

Despite the droning background and absurd lyrics, Caller tune cranks up an interesting tune, along with Neeraj Shridhar’s characteristic vocals. Energetic jhankaar beats style sound of Piya ke bazaar and Hum pagal nahin hai is catchy, much like Himesh’s simple, appealing tune; Himesh actually delivers the latter pretty well too! Khol de dil khi khidki however goes overboard and easily manages to annoy. Ditto with Just look into my eyes and Barbaad raat – gets the soundtrack back to Himesh’s infamous thrumming blandness and monotony. Xpose and now at least 3 decent songs here – Himesh is improving, albeit gradually!

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  • CA Nitish Vijay

    Barbaad raat is not annoying Infact with repetitive hearing it gets better…. khol de dil ki khidki is bad…. How to waste a talent like Ash king ?a pure example is just look into my eyes.. The tune is infact good but Himesh misuses the singers . The rendition is bad .. callertune is addictive .. same goes with piya ke bazaar mein. . Best song has to be hum pagal nahi h bhaiya. . Amazing composition and rendition by HR. 3/5..

  • Sun Sunny

    Kindly save yourself from the misery of reading this horrible review….Absolutely shitty music review…

    Please brush up your reviewing skills.

    Please Please…..Stop reviewing if you can’t

    A fast paced musical score with may engrossing tunes you would get addicted to….

    One can’t expect a Namaste London or a Jab We Met standard music for such a film

    Still, Himesh justifies the music for this flick…

    Very catchy, peppy and with oodles of entertainment…. GO FOR IT….

    • milliblog

      Instead of my stopping reviews, can I please request you to stay away from this website if such reviews bother you so much? It is much easier – just one person needs to change behaviour… that is YOU – instead of asking people collectively to change their behaviour.

      There is no state as ‘cannot review’ – anybody and everybody will/can have a point of view on music. That you don’t approve of it or it doesn’t match the so-called ‘charts’ is completely and totally immaterial.

      • Sun Sunny

        Well, as a reviewer, you are expressing & infact influencing people about someone’ work.

        You are catering to a wide chunk of audience, so please be responsible in using your words.

        You are not reviewing music here, you are actually bashing it…

        Look at your review, it looks so amateurish and bland…

        As a avid reader of this blog, Please be more thoughtful…Just a request…

        • milliblog

          On the subject of being ‘responsible’, I’d sure like to know what it entails. Does it mean I need to pad up poor (in my opinion, of course) albums by saying something diplomatic about them? Or not express my opinion about them at all?

          As for my reviews looking amateurish and bland, as I requested earlier, you have the power in you to stay off amateurish and bland review websites.

          • Sun Sunny

            Well, why not take criticism coming from your avid readers positively, before reviewing some work next time,

            rather than asking your readers to stay away from your blog ??

          • milliblog

            Absolutely. That was just a response to you asking me to stop reviewing, ‘if I can’t’, in your view. I can perhaps turn your question around with, ‘why can’t you take a critical reaction to an album you like in your stride, rather than asking that reviewer to stop reviewing entirely’?

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