Tuesday May 13, 2014

Yaan (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Posted by Karthik

Aathangara orathil – Harris Jayaraj tune bank, 2007; Gana Bala’s singing does make a difference, besides MC Vickey’s rap and assorted burping sounds. Latcham calorie – Harris Jayaraj tune bank, 2003; this is that, even-a-baby-can-guess-this-is-by-Harris-Jayaraj tune; remains occasionally interesting though. Nee vandhu ponadhu – Harris Jayaraj tune bank, 2005; lot of glitzy sounds and nothing more. Hey lamba sounds pleasant; lilting guitar base and a catchy Latino tune that consistently stays mellow. Nenje nenje is the soundtrack’s best, almost-unplugged’ish sound and a gorgeous melody brought to life by Unnikrishnan and Chinmayi. But for the last two tracks, Yaan is Yawn.

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  • shafeeque

    2003,2005,2007.. wooh! interestingly its all before 7 years and more. as a neutral music lover.. i luvd all the songs .. except the repetetive beats of nee vanthu ponathu and latcham calori.. ( bt still the tunes have a lovely impact). and the gana song is going to be a sensation i bet!. nice mix of rap too.. nenje nenje and hey lamba are my personal favourates.
    harris sir.. plz do movies like IU to allow them to create 200 and above words review.. they wont give it for ur commercial albums..

  • Billu kasimedu

    This milliblog guy is an asshole.., These songs are too good., Otha unakku reviewve panna theriyaadha da..,

    • Parmaruben Janendran

      watch your words Billu.. this is not how you condemn a person’s view.. I’ve heard the songs.. really bad to even compare with Harris earlier hits.. Harris needs to buck up else he will loose out…

      • Deepak Michael

        No matter how beautifully he gives songs you serpants of the devil will keep spreading lies against Harris. The point is not the music. I know you love the songs of Harris. Otherwise you wouldnt be barking here. You hate to see the name Harris behind these songs. Then why would your darlings like Anirudh, Thaman, and Nivas prasanna try to give songs like Harris. B cos you urge them to do so so that you along with your athimbers in the media like Bosskey can spread lies by repeating these lies multiple times to fool all your followers and sidekicks.

        • Parmaruben Janendran


          • Deepak Michael

            Yawn for those who are darlings of Anirudh’s porn

          • Deepak Michael


  • gulfu

    i deleted all songs after 3 repeat hearing… everything sounds old wine in still old bottle

    • Mohd Shameer

      That’s a good decision. ..:-)

    • shafeeque

      he took months to compose .. and im glad to hear tht u heard it atleast 3 times before deleting it.
      and i ensure that u will redownload atleast one song once u watch the visuals..

    • Deepak Michael

      You deleted bcos u knew the songs are too good and are sure to become a massive hit. Due to your stomach burning not able to buy too many Gelucils your mom might have deleted the songs when you were in the toilet

  • Mohd Shameer

    omg..just an hour back I tweeted that karthik won’t disappoint me in his Yaan review. ..and now I have to say iam fully satisfied πŸ™‚ and also I should rate this is one of his best review….rofl…

    keep it up karthik. ..

    jokes apart. ..coming to the point. ..harris is a music director getting paid in crores and doing jus 2 to 3 movies per year…but still he is keep on rehashing his own tunes is irritating.

    • Deepak Michael

      Salaam Malekkum Bhaisaab!
      Harris paid in crores because
      His songs are ranked no 1 in iTunes IU, EP, Yaan
      He never sings and gives opportunities to good singers. Many composers THINK they sing well but screw up their own songs.
      His songs are frequently played in FM channels
      His songs are regularly played in Music Channels
      His songs have propelled stars like Vikram, Suriya, Jiiva, Uday and a flopping Vijay (in Vettaikaran, ATM, Villu, Sura, Kavalan) to mass successes
      He has won 7 Filmfare awards and 1 State Govt Award
      His songs from Vaseegara, Uyirin Uyire, Kalyaanam Thaan, Randakka, Sutrum Vizhi, Paartha Mudal, June Ponal, Mudhal Malai, All VA songs, Hasilie Fisilie, Enamo Yedho, Google Google, Venam Machan, Asku Laska, Vaan Engum Nee Minna Minna and now Yaan songs wouldnt have fetched awards, appreciation to Harris which no other composer has ever achieved with this intensity.
      Why does Harris takes time for his albums?
      He brings together all Producer, Director, Hero/Heroine, Lyricist/script writer under one groove – which is an entertaining touching product supported by his music with good visuals.
      Giving grand importance to tiniest of details in a song like Chorus, voice-bgm blending, every breath of singers while they sing, hearing impact where the song must be good to hear when heard using powerful speakers and should also be pleasant to hear when heard using earphones at high volume without deafening one’s ear. All such things costs time and Money Janaab.
      As far as rehashing old songs is concerned, even the great maestro’s songs of the 80’s were similar. Janani Janani and Amma yendru Allaikaatha song are nothing but rehashing. Then why is Illayaraja alone called a Maestro and Harris a culprit. Even Illayaraja is a culprit. Being a senior he must be stoned for being a wrong inspiration for Juniors like Harris and his sons Yuvan and Karthik Raja.
      Why is your friend writing bullshit against Harris alone and not commenting upon any of my pointts. That itself proves that he is spreading lies against Harris because he knows that a lie told thrice becomes true as our people just blindly believe what another man says based on how many times he says and NOT on whether whatever he says actually contains truth! These people are master liars. Dont believe these guys. You will be deceived just as how Eve got deceived by lies.

      • Mohd Shameer

        Praise to lord, deepak.,

        Didn’t u feel the resemblance between “llatcham calorie” & “oyyayiye” (ayan), “nee vandhu ponadhu” & “uyirin uyire ” (kaakka kaakka)….if u said..I didn’t. .then u must be the worshipper of harris.

        Coming to Ilayaraja rehashes…in his peak period he composed 30-40 movies per year..so intentionally or unintentionally can’t
        Escape from rehashing..but Mr . Harris is jus doing 2-3 movies per year.

        Accept the fact that Harris got drained..nothing more to say. .

        Peace. God bless

        • Deepak Michael

          Shameer Bhai. Similarities doesnt decide whether a song is good or bad. Agreed Illayaraja did 30-40 movies a year. But now he is doing only one or two movies only. Why is he still sounding the same. For a modernday director like GVM this so called Maestro is giving the same la la la la laaaaa laaaa laaa laaaa tunes! Being a maestro why did he give similar tunes. Why did he fail to give a song like Adiye Kolluthe in VA? Now my friend tell me why do you fail to notice similarities of Illayaraja in recent times when he is doing only one or two movies a year? Why isnt his son giving different tunes who self proclaims himself as a young Maestro. These so called Maestros also demand several Lakhs per movie and that is no small amount. Why do they fail to give different songs? And why do you fail to notice these similarities in other composers. This shows that you worship some other composer who is a competitor to Harris. That is why you show prejudice only against Harris and quitely ignore other composers who also do the same things that you criticise of Harris.

  • jeanjohny

    Latcham Calorie, Vaarayo Thozhi, Jeans…. Could have alternatievely referred as AR Rahman Tune BAnk 1998.. πŸ˜‰

    • Raj

      Vaarayo Thozhi itself sounded like O mere Sona Re Sona Re at that time…

    • dearlux

      Hasili fisili from Aadhavan, Akila Akila from OkOk, latcham calorie – all recycled tunes from one base tune. Very disappointing. Hey lamba seems to me like Samba Samba from ARRs Lovebirds. New enge ponadhu’s beats reminds me of Uyirin Uyire from kaaka kaaka.

      • Deepak Michael

        Illayaraja’s all songs have tabla beats so all songs are same. So remove isai gnani title from him. Samba and Lamba rhyms similar it is the problem with poet. Dont blame Harris for all that. You want to blame then go to the graveyard and lick the corpse of Vaali.

    • Deepak Michael

      Latcham calorie kum Jeans kum ena daa sambantham loosu payale. Logic pesu daa kuruttu sevuda

      • jeanjohny

        Finally, Harris Jeyaraj is following milliblog, but under the name Deepak Micheal! Welcome Saarrr!! But please dont recycle your comments here as you do with your tunes! However, please comment more than 2 or 3 times in a year unlike the way you do movies. Good luck! πŸ™‚

        • Deepak Michael

          Hi Mr.Anirudh (hiding inside the Jean of Johny), its me – your favourite enemy. You want to catch my place grow up and work hard. First love your music than the lips of andrea and the t*** of shruthi. And use your father’s money to learn good music than to pay for these 5 Rs, 10 Rs tickets to write bad reviews against my albums. I know about all these guys better than you Mr. Kolaveri. They may label my music bad and recycling. But they could write all these reviews because they are recycling their music systems repeatedly with my music only. That itself proves that they love my music, but write bad reviews against me because they have bought Quater Bottle and Biriyani along with Rs.500 pocket money from you. No matter how many biriyani’s you will buy them you can’t stop my Yaan songs from topping the FM stations. Better luck next time.

  • david mathi

    Karthik always condones other mds faults…but to harris , he always maximize the errors…He didn’t give satisfactory rating to his good works such as orange , ghajini….and much more….I he hates harris

    • Kishore Prakash Menon

      Karthik and I have not been on the same page when it comes to many of his recent reviews. But it is not true that he is deliberately taking digs at Harris. Check out his reviews for Irandaam Ulagam, Engeyum Kaadhal and Vaaranam Aayiram.

      • david mathi

        if the album is composed by anyother composer ,he would have given a pretty good review to this ost(i am sure).
        believe it or not……….Orange ost is one of the biggest hit of the decade in telugu (both musically and commercially).it was his best in the past 4 years.yet,karthik gave very ordinary review.

        i am not trashing karthik for giving this kind of reviews….i am just irritated with his double standards.he gives good reviews to lot of other crap osts(from dsp and thaman mostly and from lot of other ordinary composers) .

        i do hate harris these days….he is clearly out of stuff .but,he is still better than lot of composers

      • shafeeque

        “Harris Jayaraj’s first collaboration with Selvaraghavan throws up an
        interesting soundtrack. It may not touch the high the director gets with
        Yuvan, but is still a highly listenable and note-worthy effort!”

        such a masterclass from harris sir .. and he endedup his review through a cruel comparison .. do you think its just a noteworthy effort?

  • Kiruba Sankar

    Where is the Manam review? Typical Rubens, but still very good.


    Still HJ on the refresh mode.. not in the new made ! disgusting >>

    • Deepak Michael

      Without a doubt Yaan is the most different and successful album of 2014. If you want more new music go to Mars for music where you can dance to the tunes of Aliens!

      • SUFAID

        wow !!
        most different and successful album of 2014 ???!!!!!
        i think you didn’t heard Albums up to May !!

        • Deepak Michael

          Oh so you heard all the albums upto May! Then tell me which composer had the balls to give a pathbreaking gaana song by a fusion of Hip Hop/Rap/and Rustic voice of Gaana Baala. Gaana Baala, but for Harris, would not never have got an opportunity to sing a song which even elitists will appreciate. No composer has given such a different Gaana somg. This song has changed the face of Gaana song. Now tell me, which other Gaana/Gaana bala song of 2014, err as per you “till May” had such a unique composition? Hence it proves that HJ’s Yaan is the most successful and different albums of 2014. If you hate HJ then you may have digestive problems and sorry I m no doctor to help you.

          • SUFAID

            you just go for the Gaana song with HJ ?!!!

            then you should like Deva’s classic Gaana songs !!!
            and it’s not about HJ hate!.. who said that .. we don’t blamed with IU,, it was a classic ,, but Yaan is really disappointing ..and one more thing we need a Doctor for digestive problem with these type of REPEAT stuff !!!!!!!

          • Deepak Michael

            Whoa! Hypocrite! It is you people who ended the career of Deva by repeatedly calling him a copycat. And as YOU DONT HAVE AN ANSWER TO MY QUESTION, LIKE A COWARDLY OPPORTUNIST WHY DO YOU BRING DEVA’S NAME?
            Can you justify by how do songs of Yaan are recycled? Your answer will be —————. Can you tell me any other Gaana song which is as tecno fusion as aathangarai song? Your answer will be ————————. Can you tell me your favourite ARR/Anirudh/Yuvan have they even thought about doing such a song? Your answer again is ————————————-!
            It is you ARR/Yuvan/Anirudh fans who spit your hatred against Harris. You are insecure about “Oh my God, What if Harris wins another award for this song! We must stop this song from getting popular. Let us spread all the lies we know and destroy Harris Jeyaraj”
            So you form a union with Karthik, yourself, and this guy-that guy and you write senseless comments with NO JUSTIFICATION. If we like Harris songs we comment only on Harris song. We dont bother about what your favourite Yuvan/ARR/Anirudh gives. But you people poke your nose on Harris songs and post bullshit. THIS PROVES MY FRIEND WHO ACTUALLY IS IN NEED OF A DIGENE. THE ANSWER ARE THOSE WHO ARE AFRAID TO BRING PROOF FOR THEIR COMMENTS ON RECYCLING AND TUNE BANKS WITH NO PROOF BUT WITH FULL OF LIES.

          • SUFAID

            oh no way man !! you tried to compare HJ to AR !
            actually HJ fans are tried to stand HJ up to AR and that will not achieve !!!!!!

            fact fact fact !!!!

          • Deepak Michael

            This proves 2 things. 1. You entire bunch of people who FAILED to answer my questions are a BUNCH OF LIARS. 2. Your group has personal issues with the person Harris Jeyaraj and it reflects in all your review/comments, as you cannot prove even a single point.
            Overall for Harris Haters – YAAN IS YAWN FOR YOUR EARS AND NOT YOUR MOUTH!

          • SUFAID

            oh ! no chance you are the best HJ fan ever keep it up and always hear the same western stuffs from him!!!!

          • Deepak Michael

            Nothing like how you cheerleaders keep hearing the same Hindustaani/Carnatic stuff from ARR, Hip Hop Stuff from Yuvan and Carnaatic/Dapaankuthu stuff from Anirudh!

          • Suresh

            Harris pattellam kettu time wasre pannadha daa… avan laam fuse pona bulb.. innumaa neengalaam avan patta ketkureenga

          • Deepak Michael

            Yuvanae avan paatule “En fusu Pocheeeee” nu paadi othukitaan avan music thaan fuse pona BULBu Athanaale Suressu onga fuse pona Yuvan kitte poi sollu Hip Hop naa aathangarai orathil paata kettu kathukonga annen nu unga paatu Arambamle Mudinchipochu. Biriyaani kettu pochini nu poi sollu.

          • Deepak Michael

            Yuvanae avan paatule othukittan “Yen Fuseu Poche!” So un thalaivan thaan fuse pona BULBu

          • SUFAID

            oh ! you tried to compare HJ to AR !

            you guyz are always tried to stand up HJ up to AR and you can’t make it ! even HJ himself hiked his fee ,,,fact fact fact >!!!

          • Prathap

            Harris enna da awrd vaangi kilichaan mokka michael….vanguradhu ellam mokka vijay awards… idhula a.r.rahman oda compare panrs…national award nna enna nnu theriyum harris fans kku

          • Deepak Michael

            Mr. Prathap Pothen. Antha loosu maadiriye neengalum pesureengale. Vijay Awards mokka naa National Awards um mokka thaan. S Janaki unga national awarda neengale vechi nakkunga daa nu thooki yerinchittu pona award thaan daa athu. AR Rahmaan avarku mattum thaan Award vaangikitaaru. But Harris sir avar musicaala motha Vaaranam Aayiram teamke award vaangi koduthaaru. That is called team work Mr. Prathaap.

  • Tweeter

    I like your reviews. You point out the flaw in every review. But when it comes to Harris why do you go extreme? It’s still a good album even though he rehashes A LOT.

  • Arun Gowtham

    I guess this is what happened with karthik & his yaan review this time !

    He would have listened to the album for the first time, immediately he would have got dejavu feel for few tracks at start … and when he is about to hear for the second time to ensure weather the tracks are good his HEART would have said STOP STOP STOP….why are you missing a chance karthik.. its rare we will get a such a chance like a Rhyming Captions like “YAAN YAWNNN” This is “Harris Jayaraj” album ..there will be a lot of people who will be ready to support our review when we trash his Albums SO. Go Ahead yaan. Yawn .

    Go Karthik write immediately.. how to write this interestingly ..rrrr.. collect all the dejavu feel, take a quick research note the years. Name it as Harris jayaraj Bank.. done written so whats next .. yaan is now yawn.

    Seriously , Every music directors have their own template /formulated way of music . we can say its their style. its more of like Md’s Signature tune and harris is highly known for it and he highly does it.

    When other Md’s use it :
    ARR using his own tunes again : AR does it in his style
    IR using his own tunes again : This is Vintage Ilayaraja / IR touch
    YUVAN Shankara using his own tune again : Vintage yuvan

    & when HJ does:
    Recycled , Reused, Template , Rehashed, Harris Jayaraj bank 2004 , and even more kidding things. which would entertain readers. Why this Double Standard ?? oh sorry did i dragged legends here & compared with Harris ? oh sorry its a sin then.

    Now back to reviews

    Go to twitter publish the review… OMG posted Yaan yawn.. Got good response , not enough ?? keep an interesting tag like ” What and all I have to do to keep Milliblog family-friendly… sigh! ” —- Got a super response again

    Actually this ” What and all I have to do to keep Milliblog family-friendly… sigh! ” looks more to my eyes.. like ” what all karthik has to degrade a fellow as much as possible to keep few milliblog family friendly” ?

    So what if the other readers say album is super, songs are super, or if the album becomes a hit or something like that ,ah who cares , Karthik has his own list of top 10/20 and he will easily eliminate all HJ track from the list for the year. and same few miliblog family friends will openly thank him for not including HJ Tracks in Top 20 of the year.

    Dear Karthik,
    Writing this all , teasing you does not mean that i hate you for reviewing this album badly, more over your review doesn’t seems like a review. in between review its more like teasing him? . i don’t beg for a 500 words thats too much …then 200 nooo … or asking you to give a verdict for the as Album good or bad ? Thats your choice… All i asking is to please avoid these double standards. & Things like not giving even a single place for HJ tracks in a year top chart list ..( I still remeber that that year HJ got 3 albums and 2 of them topped the charts it was missing only in milliblogs years list).. these all show you are just degrading Harris ? but you will still keep saying you are not against him and few more supporters come and cry here oh karthik please give HJ fans what they ask 200, 300 words bla bla , Least bothered

    Still respect your reviews. I read your other reviews which you mentioned as bad but still it was readable and you have not teased those md’s instead you have pointed what lacks and what does not works out . but if its a HJ album even though its good. teasing is quite avoidable. Looking forward to that quality review. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    At last coming to Yaan! Saying HJ fan how can i rate this album low :D. Loved all tracks Aathankarai Nenje Nenje & nee vandhu ponadu are my picks.. πŸ™‚

    last but not least , you have given this verdict just for rhyming caption right πŸ˜› ???

    Your reader

    • milliblog

      Dude! It’s not called ‘double standards’. It’s called having a point of view that is my own and not getting swayed by what expect of me, or want me to say. If it antagonises a lot of fans, so be it – they have to live with it, or easier still, ignore my view.

      I do like Harris’ music, but in my own terms, not on what radios like or what a lot of his fans like – if I do that, I’m not doing justice to my own head. So Irandaam Ulagam is something that deserved 200 in my view, so did Engeyum Kaadhal.

      It is so odd that people only pick my negative reviews (though that outnumbers positive ones, I do understand) and fit a trend there. As if the positive ones do not merit any attention at all.

      Final, critical question – why should I – an individual – be bothered about everybody else liking a song or an album? Shouldn’t I have my own view on it? Should it always be influenced by what everybody else thinks or wants me to think? Think about it.

      • Arun Gowtham

        Thanks for the quickest reply karthik ! yes its common that people never easily digest something negative to them. all that “Harris Jayaraj Bank” Looks like teasing him more. i ask you to avoid it in future.as you said its your individual thought and more over clearly im saying again ..this 200 word praising reviews are not what im asking . just a review that looks clean and clear without teasing him. I liked your idhu kadhirvelan kadhal review ,Force review which does not comes under 200 words but still you pointed both good and bad .as a reader i expected that one.hope you understand that .


      • Deepak Michael

        What a hypocrite. Irandaam Ulagam, Engeyum Kaadal good but Yaan is Yawn a? You self-proclaimed music maestro mutton head. The Harris stamp in Irandaam Ulagam is the same stamp in Yaan. It will be there in every song. Otherwise you destroyers of Harris music will say Harris is sounding like AR Rahman or Illayaraja or Vidyasagar etc etc. Thats why Harris has his own stamp. And you hypocrites will say Harris is recycling. Even if it is 2020 Harris has his own tune banks like Illayaraja and Rahman. All of Illayaraja’s songs sound the same for Ramarajan, Rajkiran, Kamal, Rajni films (that same laa laaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa; arey he even gave the same laa laaaaaa for GVM’s NEP). All of ARR songs sound similar for Rajni films (remember that old lady’s lament at the dead body of her husband).

        If Harris is recycling then your great music maestro Illayraaja when he composes Janani Janani and Amma Yendru Allaikatha song what was that dumb maestro doing? If Harris is Recycling so is Illayaraja. Now what are you going to do, take away Isaignani title away from Illayaraja? If you would call it Isaignani’s style then this is Melody King’s style.

        There cannot be a better blender than Harris Jayaraj. He uses so many modern musical instruments but still the voice of the singer is clear. Your athimber did a song Darling Dambakku in Maan Karaate. Only when the posters had the word Dambakku I figured out the word. Otherwise it heard as Dapppitu. I thought Sava Karthikeyan was making fun of Hansika farting. But Harris makes every word register loud and clear in your already psyched up mutton head.

        In Aathangarai song even your most hatred Deva who introduced Gaana to Tamil Cinema should feel proud that Harris had taken his trend setting music to a next level which even your favourite athimber Anirudh could only YAWN at!

        And ARR will use high pitches in all song as if an old lady is lamenting at the dead body of her husband in all his songs from Roja to Kochadaiyaan which AGAIN A BABY’S SURROGATE FATHER CAN TELL, but all those songs you will say wow wow Rahman is great blah blah blah. But if Harris gives a song in his style you call it Mundane. It’s not the music that is mundane but it is your stale, sticky and stinking ears. GO WASH YOUR EARS AND HEAR THE SONGS OF YAAN AGAIN, YOU MAY NO LONGER YAWN BUT BE STRUCK IN AWE!

        • milliblog



        • Govindarajan D

          ARR might copy his own tunes, but Harris on other hand copies tunes from others. If you hear songs of Anegan, few songs are definitely similar to ARR.

          1. Roja Kadale – Kilimanjaro
          2. Dheivangal inge – Nenjae ezhu
          3. Aathadi Aathadi – Innum Konja Neram

          You will realize. I am not a hater of Harris. I love his old albums (Minnale, Lesa Lesa). But you cannot deny the fact, he is now lazy to set new music. He has talent, but he refuses to work and experiment with new styles.

  • lohith

    Arun Gowtham , Dont Criticise him it will be his biggest strength

    At the same time dont comment here , it will be the biggest slap to his review

  • Bharat KV

    kodumai kodumai… enjoyed the review more than the songs… Hope Mr.Paris gets to read this.. πŸ˜‰ Great witty review Karthik…Thumbsup…!!

    • Deepak Michael

      Poda poda unga AR Rahmaan musicle Kochadaiyaan doiyaan aanathu thaa micham. Unga Illayaraja music la Hifi movie NEP ku kooda laa laa lΓ Γ Γ aaaaaaaa laaaaa nu music pottu Ayyo amma ithukku Harrisse melnu Thala 55 ku Harris kuda sernthutaari. Apuraam unga Anirudhku tune kidaikaathathunaale avan loose motion ponatha vechi Dambakku Dombak Dabak Dabak nu kakoos porathelaam tune a potirukiraanam.

  • Rakesh

    “Hey Lamba” is classified as a “catchy latino tune” ?? It reeks of reggae and I am mystified from which aspect it sounds latino, of course, I am not an expert… still….

    • milliblog

      I’m not an expert either πŸ™‚

      You could add many tags to Hey lamba, besides reggae (rhythm). The chorus is perhaps soul. The main tune ‘sounded’ distinctly Latino to me and I could be wrong too.

  • music lover

    stop writing such nonsense man….selfish;double standard….how much you have been paid to write such a review…huh????

    • milliblog

      I do not get paid to maintain this blog.

      Also, ‘nonsense’ I can understand – you like something; I don’t – you may call my opinion as nonsense. Undderstandable.

      But ‘selfish’? And ‘double standard’? Care to explain, please?

      • music lover

        actually first sorry for saying u so.See iam a big fan of u as I used refer ur website only when a new album arrives.This album is gud only,i see u bashing harris album always,see every MD has their own signature ways of composing tunes,and exactly was harris doing so…one cant ridicule a MD with terms like Tune bank and all,it’s so discouraging and disappointing……again sorry for saying u so…..those were the words spit out of anger…..Fan of urs

        • milliblog

          Nah, don’t apologize and all that – relax. Having a difference of opinion is not a crime πŸ™‚

          I completely understand HJ’s pattern of music making and sometimes he does well even within that too – like Vaaranam Aayiram or Engeyum Kaadhal. Most of times, I feel he’s really not making an effort to go beyond what he has already done.

          But again, this is just my personal opinion – don’t confuse this as some broad opinion of a large number of people. It is not.

          • music lover

            yea u r ryt….bt all depends on d film directors only….Harris can only give what he was asked na:)….anyways waiting for ur future reviews:)

          • Deepak Michael

            I mean, what effort he didnt make you liar. Lamba Lamba he mixed his style with reggae.
            Aathangarai completely different stuff with gaana and rap mix no other composer including the one whom you support Anirudh cannot come up with such a song.
            Nee Vanthu Ponathu is a fusion of Harris style+carnaatic+Arabic+Trance Effect. It is one of the finest pieces of fusion between such differing forms of music.
            Come on even I am a great admirer of Ko songs. In that apart from Enamo Yedho other songs were good but not upto the mark of Enamo Yedho. But in Yaan every song has wonderful experimentation.
            Nenje Nenje is an unplugged Guitar song which any guitarist would love to play.
            Latcham Calorie is a typical song thro which Harris has grown to such great hieghts. Every composer today is giving such a type of song in all movies. Its a Harris trend for lovers of melody.
            The album has a perfect mix of Harris style and new experimentation and just dont type words with your eyes, ears, and your brains closed.

  • bukowskinerd

    OMFG @ all the Harris fanatics. Jesus Christ people – he’s entitled to his opinion and this is HIS BLOG. If you don’t like it just leave. Or if you have difference in opinion express you dissent in a polite way. Don’t behave like some death cult – it’s pathetic.

    • Deepak Michael

      This proves that he has written bad comments not because of the music but because Harris worships Jesus Christ. Mr. Karthick look what your friend is saying. Your friend has exposed your intentions behind writng such a negative review. So you all dont like a Christian composing songs thats why you all are blindly criticising him. I thought India is a secular country. But I never thought the reviwer and you are indirect branches of RSS.

      • Anon92115

        Speechless! Wow!

      • Parmaruben Janendran

        Woahh.. get some chill pill Mr. Deepak. I don’t think your idol Harris will like reading on what you have posted. Please maintain your reputation as Harris fan in a more diplomatic way. Simple as that πŸ˜‰

        • Deepak Michael

          IDOL is the biggest demon in the form of Anirudh who is paying all you guys so that he can steal Harris position within 1 year and become like him. And you guys are side kicks to this SKINNY DEMON. When you Anirudh fans cough poison in the name of review against Harris, then POISON MUST BE DEALT WITH POISON, against you LUCIFERIANS!

      • Mohd Shameer

        omg… i believe imaan is a christian and karthik continuosly encouraging him that everybody knows…

        Seems like Mr. Deepak having some psycological problem…nothing more to say. dot

        • Deepak Michael

          Dont try to Escape Shameer Bhai. Psycological problem is for this person.In Milliblog in the comments section one of the guys posted the following.

          13 days ago
          OMFG @ all the Harris fanatics. Jesus Christ people – he’s entitled to his opinion and this is HIS BLOG. If you don’t like it just leave. Or if you have difference in opinion express you dissent in a polite way. Don’t behave like some death cult – it’s pathetic.”

          Why should your Karthik allow such intolerant JA to post. With Jesus Christ People he does refer to Christians and he means only Christians will like Harris Jeyaraj music. How mean and cheap of this guy to religionise music. Now this post of his proves that he Hates Harris for personal reasons.

          So now I have proven to you liars who actually needs pscological reasons. Change your blog’s title to Milliblog-RSS. It will surely help more of such people like bukowskinerd to post hatred and intolerence!

          • Bipin Ragu

            “Jesus Christ people” was intended to be “Jesus Christ, people” in an exclamatory sense (and it is apparent).

            Lesson learnt: “Poor grammar leads to communal riots.”

  • Anon92115

    Whoa! All Harris fans,please remember that this is just a personal blog! Karthik is entitled to his own opinion! If you find any fault with it,either be polite in expressing your view or just ignore it! It’s simple! πŸ™‚

  • Chandra Mouli

    Either you can listen to this album (or) HJ’s tamil hit songs…..

  • Sid

    Is it just me or did Nenje Nenje have shades of Ennai Saithaale from Endrendrum Punnagai?

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