Archive for May 9th, 2014

Kongunattu thendralukkum has a nice folk groove, but Karthik Raja and Venkat Prabhu’s vocals are jarring, to say the least, besides the rather staid tune. Yuvan’s singing is significantly worse in Tharaimele irunthae, and the tune too offers nothing new, regurgitating many other Yuvan songs. Thakkaalikku has a fantastic folk rhythm to back the pleasant […]

Takkaru takkaru seems like a tacky remake of Ram-Leela’s dandruff-song, Tattad tattad, and it’s a perfunctory fit for a hero-introduction song. With its Coldplay-like sound Oh oh nadhigal oda is an easy listen, with Naresh Iyer and Shreya rocking the vocals. Otrai devathai sounds like a quintessential 90s Hindi film song, significantly modernised, though – […]

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