Archive for May 6th, 2014

The synth in Emiti hadavadi is almost present-day Ilayaraja’ish! The playfully banter-style tune is serene and lovely; even the whispery and unassuming vocals by Deepu and Sravani add a lot of impact. The pleasant rhythm of Inthakante vere is a gorgeous addition, besides Hemachandra crooning the simple, soothing melody in his trademark style! The song’s […]

Muskurane is a stunningly beautiful combo – the lyrics, Arijit’s soaring vocals and the soorthing arrangement! Mohammed Irfan’s slower Unplugged version, in comparison, seems laboured. Neeti Mohan does well in Darbadar phire, but Jeet’s arrangement works better than the disjoint tune. Jeet gets the despondent, Todi-based tune perfectly with Arijit’s vocals in Soney do, while […]

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