Monday April 14, 2014

The Xpose (Music review), Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya

Posted by Karthik

Ice Cream, despite cringe-worthy lyrics, is an enjoyable Pancham-Shankar Jaikishan mash-up. Himesh’s fascination for Tum hi ho is apparent in Dard dilo ko, while the Xpose theme is banal. Despite Honey Singh and Himesh’s fangled vocals, Hai apna dil‘s captivating tune salvages it! Its Blues Mix cranks up the speed, to impressive result. Ditto with Surroor – Shalmali and the sweeping melody soar beyond Himesh’y nasal’ness. Catch me badly apes Kaminey’s Dhan the nan, but Ankit Tiwari and Rekha Bhardwaj excel in their respective renditions of the lovely Sheeshe ka samundar. Surprisingly tuneful soundtrack by Himesh, barring standard nasal annoyances!

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  • CA Nitish Vijay

    I personally feel this soundtrack deserved more words from you, cause its Himesh trying something new, an odd mix of classy and massy music which we don’t listen to nowadays. Its correct that many songs give a deja-vu feeling on first hearing but with repetitive hearing you will understand that its completely different . Ice Cream ‘s music is fabulous, Mohammad Irfan deserves a pat on his back for rendering something which I am feeling is better than Tum hi ho cause its lyrical impact is way better, Hai apna dil is again something Himesh would have never tried 10 years ago but again composition wise its awesome, the way Himesh has used mika, mohit, neeti n himself in catch me if you can is something to appreciate , in surroor he used his nasal voice intentionally cause it suites here , Honey singh rocked here too, finally for sheeshe ka samundar, I am quite sure now himesh has amazing talent to recognise talent.. cause he gave ankit tiwari a completely new territory from his former number. . And he does wonders here.. for me its the best soundtrack of the year..

    • Muhammad Faazzil

      Better than Tum Hi Ho? Lol, really? Thats too much.
      By the way I also liked the soundtrack.

      • CA Nitish Vijay

        Lyrics make it..

        • Muhammad Faazzil

          Whats so special about its lyrics? Tum Hi Ho’s was better for me!

          • CA Nitish Vijay

            Dude with Tum hi ho it was revolutionary Arijit Singh voice. . With dard dilo ke its the impact of the lines like Dard dilo ke kam ho jate mein aur tum gar hum jate. . It strikes a chord somewhere in heart..

          • Harshit

            This is getting into useless things, but yes, tum hi ho bas tum hi ho was all about music. Lyrics were almost missing from the song. It was like Sameer’s X-Y-Z-Y-tum hi ho. Keep filling. Dard dilon ke kam ho jaate has a little more lyrics in it.

  • CA Nitish Vijay

    Infact the song which you can really say is ‘inspired ‘ is hai apna dil desi remix .. it has very strong resemblance from tune mari entryia from Gunday.. I hate that song so this remix was unbearable to me at the same place..

  • Kedar

    Catch me, apart from Dhan te nan also borrows from Badtameez dil.

    But I don’t agree with the phrase ‘surprisingly tuneful’. Himesh
    literally owned the music scene in 2005/06 owing to his instantly catchy
    (and classy sometimes – Namaste London, Ahista Ahista, Radio being
    cases in point) tunes despite awfully juvenile lyrics for them by the
    atrocious Sameer!

  • arziyaan

    Though the tum hi ho inspiration is apparent especially in the tune…. I’d like to say that Himesh has used this style of music before mithoon made it popular aashiqui 2….. “Dil Ne Yeh Na Jaana” from Red comes to mind and his “unplugged” versions.

    this sound track is so so. ice cream is terrible. I like catch me but the its pretty ridiculous himesh is just recrating hit songs from this past year…. aka badatameez dil and dhan te nan.

    Hai Apna Dil and Sheeshe Ke Samunder both versions are great. I like Dard Dilo too but its just a ridiculous facsimile of last year’s most popular song….


    • CA Nitish Vijay

      Other music directors too are recreating their stuff like what Amit Trivedi created for Queen or Rahman created for Ranjhaana.. but Himesh recreated something out of his own comfort zone..

      • arziyaan

        he’s recreating other music director’s hit songs….. tum hi ho and badtameez dil/dhan te na are not his own songs…. Rahman is the king of recreating his own songs.

        Anyway I just think it’s ridiculous to rehash popular songs that weren’t even by him. And I like Himesh for the record.

        • CA Nitish Vijay

          See its your perception that by rendering on his own tunes he degrades them. . For me his rendering and vocal quality is way better compared to the likes of Atif Aslam (cannot compare them with proper singers).. But see its my perception. . Its true he is not naturally talented .. but against all odd he survived and survived wonderfully by singing some of the most amazing compositions of last decade like Aashiq banaya, yahi hota pyaar, jaaneman , rafa dafa.. I am damn sure if he would have been 5% naturally talented he would have conquered the entire music scene.. coming to rehashing.. its no harm in rehashing others number. . Himesh rehashed his own number to successful results in past..

  • Moin

    music piece in suroor (arabic version) is directly lifted from tamil song poove poove composed by talented Dharan kumar.

  • Debayudh Chatterjee

    ‘Ice-cream khaungi’ tune is total rip-off of the song ‘Mera Dil Kho Gaya’ from a 1994 film – ‘Aazmayish’. Music by Anand-Milind and sung by Sonu Nigam.
    Here is the link:

    • Jimi Hndrx

      Nice find @debayudhchatterjee:disqus

  • Aakash

    Isn’t the ‘Na na na’ hook in Catch Me If You Can similar to Tumse Mili Nazar from Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon.

  • Jaydeep

    Why does HR look so pallid? Is it intentional weight loss or underlying health issues? Anyone??

  • Jaydeep

    Hai apna dil is pretty interesting composition, I agree. But calling Himesh’s vocals fangled is gross injustice to other singers of the world. The word IMO, that best describes his vocals on this track is atrocious.

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