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Maan Karate (Music review), Tamil – Anirudh

Posted by Karthik

Maanja is a funky mix of that trumpet-thavil combo, Anirudh’s nonchalant singing and Karky’s very-Medraas Tamil. Bhangra-dholak dominates Darling dambakku, a rather perfunctory masala song where Benny and Sunidhi carry the song, and a reprise that seems even less effective. Un vizhigalil is swanky, tuneful pop, produced well with confident singing by Anirudh and Shruthi. Sivakarthikeyan and Paravai Muniyamma bring Chennai’s roof down in Royapuram Peter, a raucous kuthu that satisfies the feet and the folded tongue. It’s heartwarming to hear Deva in Open the Tasmac, singing Gana Bala’s evocative ode to Chennai’s ‘matter’ destination. Maan Karate is minimum-guarantee Anirudh.

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  • disqus_qkOcQBGxrk

    After listening to maan karate I am asking myself “is this the same Anirudh who gave songs like nee partha vizhigal?” Either he gives a message like ” don’t expect anything extraordinary as those are one time only” or he is not getting directors to extract the stuff. He might not last for long if he continues this way… What’s your opinion karthik??

  • Agreed. Wasn’t too impressed with this or VIP. I hope these middling albums aren’t a trend because Vanakkam Chennai, Ethir Neechal, and 3 were all solid.

  • Bharat KV

    Still not able to digest this is by Anirudh… This shud be the worst album of his…

    Note the exception “Maanja” this is super fun… This is what Anirudh is known for… Am sure Gibhran & Anirudh are the future of Tamil music scene…

    • Baskar

      I feel Anirudh can become another DSP . Harris (Repeat same tunes).
      I see Santhosh Narayanan and Gibhran as the future of Tamil music.

  • Vikas

    Anirud seems out of tunes now… I felt all the his composition from “3” to Maan Karate sounds very same…. Very disappointed…. What do you think Karthik?

  • shafeeque

    as usual … an out and out fun product from airudh.. he got the talent,
    no doubt about that. bt if he continues to b commercial, he will remain
    as one of the dsp forever. just take a look at what gibran does so far.
    one more thing, why do he prefers himself as a singer for most of his
    better tunes? he sounds funny as well boring. big letdown after some
    great promises.

  • rajkrish

    Darling dambakku’s reprise is less effective? Thats the only thing effective in this album!

  • Subway

    Sounds like Anirudh has run out of tricks. Guess he needs to get new ones now. Though I did like Darling Dambakku and Un Vizhigal. Rest are out of tune.

  • bukowskinerd

    Jesus Christ, this was a dire album. Talk about running out of steam.
    I have more faith in both Ghibran and Santhosh Narayanan though, and they haven’t disappointed.

    And I disagree with the whole “it’s a commercial film” conjecture. Take Ghibran in Naiyaandi for eg – it’s a (dire) formulaic film, but he gave quality Music there as far as I’m concerned.

  • prasad

    manja songs starts with daud instrumental song from a.r.r and then takes off to amaran song paku vethele potten pathele and even reminds of ir`s ini pottu vaithe kadhal thittam from singaravelan. did anybody felt so…

    • web2day

      That Paaku Vetthala song is from My Dear Marthandan (1990) music by IR. Use of thavil in this Maanja song reminds one of ARR’s Kaadhalikkum Pennin Kaigal from Kadhalan. But it’s not bad, the song just reminds of few touches of both IR and ARR, however sounds good fun.

  • Kannan

    ohhh, disappointing.. sounds like a school kid composition… he needs training…or better learn how to compose….

  • reviveramesh

    actually the music is bad – we all want anirudh to succeed and feel good – so we mince words and use ideas like the best is yet to come, talent needs direction etc – in this movie – he plain and simple lost it – it sound very reptitive , no anirudh genius and the mixing sounds very odd – disappointed – call a spade a spade and give the right feedback and move on – anirudh if you re seeing this – sorry buddy – you can definitely do better and you know it.

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