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With Baby doll, it seems like composers Meet Bros Anjjan are yet to get over Truth Hurts’ Addictive – the same rythm regurgitated with a new, middling tune. Mustafa Zahid does well in Pranay Rijia’s serene, but largely droning Maine khud ko, while Chirantan Bhatt’s Lori of death joins the composer’s illustrious list of other […]

Sunday March 2, 2014 11:01

Top recent listens (February 2014)

Happy, Brand new, Come get it Bae, Lost queen, Know who you are & Gust of wind – GIRL (Pharrell Williams) First things first, if you haven’t heard Happy, do yourself a favor and listen to it! I think Coca Cola, with their Happiness pitch, should buy this song and make it their anthem. Next, […]

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