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Shaadi Ke Side Effects (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Posted by Karthik

Harry’s not a Brahmachari has a frenzied techno sound that sits well atop the essentially Punjabi tune; Jazzy B and Divya Kumar seem perfect for the high-pitched song. I’m sorry tumse pyar ho gaya rides on Nikhil Paul George’s awesome vocals (and ably supported by Neeti Mohan and Mili Nair), but yes, Pritam’s spritely tune and sound helps generously too. If Alam Lohar’s original was appropriated with ‘Vyah’ changed to ‘Pyar’ in Pyar Ke Side Effects, it is used as-is in Tauba main, with Vyah, here since this is Shaadi’s side effects and not Pyar’s! The sound is significantly spruced up, however, almost like a homage in the form of a remix, with Shahid Mallya, Poorvi Koutish and Alam rocking the rendition. Suchi and Arijit’s Desi romance is a punchy melody, but with familiar and predictable Pritam’ish hooks that continue to be thoroughly endearing. Farhan, like in Rock On!!, raises above his mediocre voice intelligently in Yahaan wahaan, aided generously by Pritam’s breezy melody. Swanand Kirkire’s enjoyable verses rule Bawla sa sapna, along with Mohit Chauhan’s always-likeable singing. Pritam is in particularly great form with the orchestration here… remains consistently delightful. The side effects of this soundtrack are more-than-adequately welcome!

Note: Beyond calling the first batch of uploads as ‘full album’ in the YouTube jukebox, it appears there are actually more songs in this soundtrack! There is something curiously called ‘The Original Song’ version of Harry’s not a Brahmachari as also another ‘remix’ version. Then, there is a Punjabi version of Tauba main, as if the earlier was not Punjabi enough. I wouldn’t have specifically written about these, but the Yahaan wahaan reprise (by Farhan, again) is something definitely worth mentioning, with it’s almost Metro-style sound that Pritam handles beautifully.

The other song worth writing about is the alternate version of Bawla sapna, sung by a young girl named Diva (the daughter of Bengali composer Rajesh Roy – of Pa Ma Ga Re Saa fame – and his singer-wife Pritha Majumdar) – an exquisite version of the song that Mohit has already aced! Finally, there is that other song by Farhan – Ahista ahista – composed by guest composer Mikey McCleary, with lyrics by Ankit Tewari. The rough edges in Farhan’s voice is a lot more pronounced here, compared to Yahaan wahaan – the pensive, violin-driven tune perhaps deserved a better-voiced singer than someone with a good sense of music but a very poor voice. 

And no, this is not a 300 worder. This is a great album, no doubt, but if I were to add a vanity metric to it in Milliblog-ishtyle, this is a perfect 200 worder. If I had access to the full soundtrack in the first instance, I’d have tweaked the word count to fit 200.

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  • Vipul Verma

    Pritam started 2014 with a bang.

  • arziyaan

    I haven’t heard the full album yet, but Harry is not a bramchari has been on repeat since I first heard them. Pritam zindabad, such catchy splendid songs that never bore!

  • Vipul Verma

    No mention of “Bawala Sa Sapna” by Diva. BTW, she is 5 years girl kid, daughter of musicians Rajesh Roy and Pritha Majumdar.

  • Chisel Bhatia

    you didnt mention the reprise versions of bawla sa sapna, yahan vahan and 2 other versions of harry not a brahmachari. They are now live on youtube. If you include those it will be a #300 😀 😀

    • Chisel Bhatia

      and one more song “ahista ahista” uploaded today by tseries, guest composer – mickey Mccleary. Now you have to make it a #300 😀 😀

  • Zakhm

    the punjabi version is in punjabi while the normal version is in Hindi. thats why its more punjabi. also the punjabi version is sang by Arif Lohar, son of the sampled singer Alam Lohar whereas the Hindi version is sang by Shahid Mallya (a Rajasthani)

  • Uday Kiran

    Yahan vahan reprise version is a top pick

    remaining songs….

  • bukowskinerd

    Am I the only one who thinks Harry’s not a Brahmchari version in the trailer sounds significantly better?
    The dubstep beats ruins it for me somewhat :/

  • tejas

    ‘Tauba Main Vyah Kar ke Pachhtaya’ has a line – “madam ka hi tashan, main enda manmohan”!!!

    That is a superb politically incorrect line.

  • Sharang

    The ‘Bawla sa Sapna’ hook sounds a like faster, more upbeat version of ‘Saawali si Raat’ of Barfi!

  • Rony Paul Simon

    Desi romance hook line is so similar to background music of yeh jawani hai deewani starting from 28 sec. The background score is also by pritam so no issues.

  • Muralidhar


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