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Thursday February 6, 2014 20:55

Thegidi (Music review), Tamil – Nivas K Prasanna

Vinmeen vidhayil is enchanting… a delightfully pleasant melody sung beautifully by Abhay Jodhpurkar and Saindhavi; the music is not drastically new, but mighty apt for the tune. Neeyum dhinam sees Andrea carry a Bond-intro style tune rather well, though the song is better orchestrated than its standard tune. Ditto for Needhaane – brilliantly sung by […]

Time entaraa is good ol’ Devi Sri Prasad material, repackaged by Anup; also sung in similar style. Mancheli is where Anup marks his territory, improvising considerably over familiar Devi template to deliver a very listenable track and singing it particularly well. Autonagar Brahmi is fun while it lasts, invoking Brahmanandam in the mix. Ayudham, with […]

Thursday February 6, 2014 20:50

Bramman (Music review), Tamil – Devi Sri Prasad

Vodu vodu, barring Chinnaponnu’s hyper enthusiastic vocals, is stock Devi-style bombastic stuff. But the composer knows what works and how, as is evident in Penne nee illamal, with the right placement of hooks and apt use of his well-known sense of rhythm. The latter is accentuated in Vaanathila nilavu and Vaada vaada nanba, where the […]

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