Wednesday January 29, 2014

Queen (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Posted by Karthik

London thumakda is the soundtrack’s most straight-forward and accessible song – simple, catchy tune, sung with earthy flavor by Labh Janjua with the right dollop of enthusiasm. O gujariya too falls in that zone – easy listening techno ditty with the right punch and disapassionately manic singing by Shefali and Nikhil. Badra bahaar sees Amit return to his Dev.D form – captivating tune, sung by himself amidst a ecstatic soundscape with even the occasional veena-style guitar playing peekaboo along with fantastic rock guitaring! A different kind of fancy guitaring is evident in Taake jhanke too, with its super engaging rock base and Arjit Singh singing his heart out. Jugni is the other Dev.D style number, helmed by Amit himself with a winsome 80s pop sound, while Nandini Srikar seems perfect for the intriguingly concieved tune in Harjaiyaan that layers the beguiling sound over a very North East Indian flavor. Kinare starts off in standard rock format, but as the sitar kicks in, the sax opens too and along with the guitar, it’s a lovely mix! Rupesh Kumar Ram’s heartfelt Punjabi composition and vocals in Ranjha is a huge plus, along with that ambient background. Queen is Amit Trivedi proving he’s king… again!

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  • Harish

    You did not feel a sense of Deja-vu, that this could have been from the same cupboard that the OST of DevD was stored?

  • sideee

    Karthik, do you think Amit Trivedi is very limited with regards to the musical genres he experiments with? Most of his songs are sufi-fusion and rock. I like his music. However, I wish experiments with different styles of music. Yaatra from Coke Studio had Carnatic in it, which I thought was nice. Again, that piece was a fusion with pop. If we can deliver, for e.g., his interpretation of a pure Carnatic/Hindustani piece, it will be awesome. I think this will also open up the type of scripts that are offered to him. Most of the movies he works on have an urban-centric story line, which suits his style of music. I wish he experiments more!

    • Bhanu

      I agree with this comment. I am a big fan of Amit…but indeed the sound is becoming very familiar.

  • Somadri Chatterjee

    This’s certainly among Amit Trivedi’s very best! The O Gujaria hook is just fixed in my brain! Aptly #200

  • Bharat KV

    Most of the tracks have a hangover of Amits previous tracks. Though worth listening, nothing new interms of tunes and way it progresses. Worth listening for the mix… Definitely not his best…

  • kishankkaran

    Amit Trivedi is definitely the most exciting composer in the Indian music scene today. I listen to Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam music. I’ve felt that after Rahma’s entry, he’s been the greatest talent to Indian music.

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  • Rakesh

    There is a remix of Hungama ho gaya which appears 2 mins into the trailer of Queen, any idea if it has been credited to Amit Trivedi ?

  • jeanjohny

    London thumakda itself is enough to justify your word count. It was in my playlist ever since the teaser was released! Apt 200!

  • Subhendu Bhowal

    Taake Jhanke has hangover of Udaan, Badra Bahar of Dev D, Jugni of both Udaan and Aisha, Harjaiyaan has an infectious dhol sound that sounds very familiar. Mish-mash of a soundtrack, quite easy on ears. Trivedi had just pushed the boundary in Ishaqzaade, Kai Po Che and Lootera. Back to old self in Queen.

    • Sandeep

      I feel Harjaiyaan is inspired by Sunita Rao’s “Paree hoon main”

  • mohamed zarook mohamed rizmy

    Didn’t expect AT to gate crash the HIGHWAY party so early!
    “London Thumakda” seems a song more into wordplay, the musical arrangement is good but the rendition makes it even better.
    “Badra Bahar” is definitely for the superb tune & the choice of instruments, didn’t like ATs rendition in parts.
    “Taake Jaake” sounds like a countrish song from Blake Shelton. AT should go this way more. A must listen in the album, the tune , the voice, the words(no idea) feels like a killer combination. Easily the second best song of the album. That chorus at the end is : SUPERB.

    “Jugni” is where AT excels as a singer and composer. Hearing the word jugni so often in hindi songs lately. (Cocktail, Highway…).
    “Harjaiyaan” starts slow but picks up momentum post the 1:20 mark. Has that heard before feel but Nandini Srikar nails it. That “olay, olay..” portion is sweet.
    “Ranjha” sounds similar to Rahmans “Kollaiyile” from Kadhalan. Loved the rendition and the part where it goes “O ranjha, mera ranjha..” is slow poison.
    The best song of the album is “O Gujariya”! Shefali Alvares enters as Rihanna and moves out as P!nk! Superb singing and the rhythm pattern is catchy! AT is excellent as well but this belongs to Alvares for her rendition… “Show me how to party”.

    Queen is a great album, have heard less of AT earlier so have no complains but total compliments for this album. A must listen for “O Gujariya” – the party anthem!

  • dmachop

    It is a good album by Amit Trivedi but didn’t think that this would receive a 200/200. He’s getting repetitive (more like Ek Main aur ek tu, Aisha) and less grungy as in Dev.D or Udaan.

  • Neetish

    This is a terrific soundtrack songs keep growing on you with time, Kinare is my current anthem

    • ATanu Bhuyan

      I felt a strong hint of Coldplay’s Viva la vida in Kinare, which ticked me off a little bit. Otherwise this, along with this, the other songs are refreshing as ever

      • sick_of_plagiarism

        yup…it’s a remix of coldplay…Trivedi did a similar copy in Lootera too…we Indians shld stop plagiarism and come up with originals.

      • Aan Godiawala

        True!! and Shikayatein in Lootera had a touch of Coldplay’s The Scientist. But its just inspired from those songs. Thats not at all copying..

  • Taamra

    I think Amit Trivedi has produced one of the freshest and most creative soundtracks of recent times in Bollywood with Queen!

  • silvergirish

    I feel very few music directors in bollywood try to deliver quality music which is not just commercial. Rahman, trivedi and salim-Suleman are in that category for me.
    yes trivedi is turning a bit repetitive but happy that he is still on track with original masterpiece.
    am sure he can use the Pritam trick to cheat his way to success, but isn’t doing it.
    respect him big time for that 🙂
    (yes i feel Pritam is not at all creative. Just plain commercial)

    again, yes if trivedi expands his scope, his experiments would be worth being at the top.

    i feel ghanchakkar and kai po che were his best in the recent past.
    queen is good too. From my side a 4/5 .
    harjaiyaan, ranjha and London thumkda are my favs .

    for me, he is close to being the next Rahman 🙂

    – from a rahmaniac 🙂

  • Harish

    Really liked Jugni n Badra Bahaar…taake jhanke is good too…very good album by AT

  • Chiaroscuro7

    Guess you have to edit the credits Karthik; Ranjha apparently wasn’t composed by Amit Trivedi (see source)-

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