Saturday January 18, 2014

London Bridge (Music review), Malayalam – Rahul Raj & Sreevalsan Menon

Posted by Karthik

Chinni chinni‘s predictable sound also has a prominent piece that sounds like Prem jal from Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hai! The London Bridge theme too merely passes muster, but Rahul leaves his stamp in his last song – Kannadi vaathil! Haricharan’s vocals, the slow build-up leading to the punchy hook… all work perfectly! Sreevalsan gets Shaan to sing a true-blue Malayalam film tune in Ennum ninne and he does rather well, backed by the mod sound. Sreevalsan’s other, Venmegham too is a good listen, like a significantly better Harris Jayaraj song! Sreevalsan Menon is on top of this bridge.

Keywords: Rahul Raj, Sreevalsan Menon, London Bridge



  • jason rex

    I definitely put Rahul Raj on top of this bridge!!!!

  • jason rex

    Kannadi Vaathil is damn addictive!!!!

  • roshan ahlawat

    Shocking review! Especially the comment on ‘London Bridge’ theme, which is easily one of the most brilliant orchestral pieces heard in Indian Cinema. The epic feel of James Horner and David Arnold is everywhere in this haunting piece. Hats of to the composer.

    I don’t understand a single word in the lyrics, but completely in love with the soundtrack, especially Kannady vattil.

    • jason rex

      Seriously brother, the theme song was superb!! I dint find anything wrong with it either!!! But its his personal opinion so shud respect tat! Chinni Chinni is pretty ordinary but wit repeated hearings u mite like it!!! Ayway Rahul Raj produces a stunner in Kannadi Vaathil!!

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