Friday November 1, 2013

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Shekhar

Posted by Karthik

Tooh, that hyper energetic Punjabi ode to the derriere, is adequately and frivolously foot-tapping. Chingam chabake seems to be pushing the luck – woefully derivative. Thankfully, Dhat teri ki brings the funk back – breezy, retro-styled coolth, with fantastic vocals by Sanam Puri and Aditi Singh Sharma! Dil duffer too, with Nitesh Kadam strikingly fresh voice, makes the cut with that instantly catchy tune! Naina, with its heady rhythm that often outpaces its tune, is an interesting concotion, while Moto ghotalo, with its nursery-rhyme style tune and chorus is passable. Vishal Shekhar’s music here is likeable, but remains superficially frothy.

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  • Vaibhav

    Kartik! dude! I respect you a lot and all, but recently your reviews “suck ass!”. Now there is no polite way of putting it. I mean listen to yourself. You turned into the snobs that I hated and wanted a real reviewer to review stuff, which made me read your reviews in the first place. Either nothing is good or its-fucking-300 words. Man i have been following this blog since day 1 and i2fs before that. But DUDE! You were good, but now OMG! and puh-lease dont get started with the “this is my point of view; every body has a right to opinion” crap. Because a banana is yellow or green. If i think it is it blue I am an asshole. Its not my Opinion or my-take-on-it. I am wrong! And if i want to read vague reviews i’d go to the paid reviews where an album of fart noises gets 4.5 stars for creativity.

    SO please let you mind out and spare us the mild path with closing lines like “Really likeable but dull”. Take a break clean your head. sometimes to much of good music and lead you to believe even Mozart is bad.

    And all your Kartik Fan Boys, FUCK OFF!! Every one has a right to scream and shout at someone your admire. I Admire kartik thats why i am mad at him. Hope the strong language grabs attention and sets the tune staright

    • sdfds

      What are you exactly mad about? Did you like this album

      • Vaibhav

        refer to above rant 🙂

    • milliblog

      One, music is not banana. It’s not that black, white, yellow or green 🙂

      Two, this is an album – not just one song.

      Typically, I don’t like the direction Vishal and Shekhar are heading into. I miss the nuance they had in films like Anjaana Anjaani. It is entering a zone where the sound is enticing but gets boring once you scratch the surface, This is something like Tooh in this soundtrack. OTOH, I loved Dhat teri ki and Dil duffer. Naina worked intermittently for me. And less said about Chingam the better.

      So you see, it’s a mixed bag. It’s got froth, that much I can surely say, for this soundtrack. The sounds assembled are all perfect to hook you in. But, like their other recent scores, there’s a froth overdose and barring a couple of songs, it all seems superficial.

      But again, I couldn’t really fathom your rant of a comment… did you or did you not like this soundtrack?

      • Vaibhav

        I liked that “Tooh” song, I know its Gimmicky to say the least and its trying to be Americanized Indian Punjabis twerking away. But the Main hook has that descending chord progression which gets everyone going. Besides that its utter crap. But that 10-15 secs of pleasure make it bearable. the best recent case similar to this one is “Dilliwaali Girlfriend” from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. The Chord stabs from 00:46-00:55 where its like “Teri aankh da ishara mujhe fraud lage” is the only payoff in the entire thing. But rest is complete template of leftover hit tracks. Also, that part bears striking resemblance with a Sarabjit Cheema track called Ra Ra Re Re*.

        The problem I have is First, you call a complete track crap/good/[insert vague generic term here]. Where otherwise Harish or GV get special mentions for good Parts. I mean lets face it, there is only a certain variety you can have in the sonic domain. Changing the seasoning, sometimes, is the only way to come up with something “new”. So why not credit Vishal-Shekhar for the good parts.

        Second, Remember a certain film called Ek Main hoo aur ek Tu (Amit Trivedi) or better yet remember Jab tak Hai Jaan (A R Rahman), Big Banner, “Sirji Taal wala style ke do gaane de do”, 100-Crore-Club, Khan;Kapoor;Johar, all factors to make disasters like the above. Where they Big Composers? Yes. Did they have a few good tracks? Yes. But do they stand anywhere near their contemporary creations? NO! So I think that Big budgets make a sort of production line of songs. where there is no soul or craftsmanship in the final product, something just very shinny, glossy and hollow. So Vishal-Shekhar are caught in that web. When you do music which is better that average Joe but less than Rahman##.

        So I just want you to be more clear in you reviews and point out all the parts that you like. I know 100 words isn’t exactly the space where this can be done, but i have faith in your power. If like my previous post, you cant make out why I was angry, or did i actually like the album there is no point to read a review.

        JTHJ also got a #200 from you. But it wasn’t Rahman. I mean you can tell when Rahman has hit gold. I remember when i heard the Masakali Delhi 6 trailer, or Haara from Aamir I knew “shit just got real!”.

        Yes i do treat 1992-2004 Rahman as a yard stick of Good music. Can easily be called the Rahmanic Era. We Live in the Post Rahmanic Era, I Presume.

        *Sarabjit Cheema – Ra Ra Re Re.

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