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Gun gun, despite lively vocals by Parwati Kumari and Ambarish Das, is largely run-of-the-mill intro to Rajasthan. Behka behka is an interesting, racy, techno reimagination of Mr.India’s iconic number, sung well by Ash King and Teesha Nigam, while Bajan de dhol doesn’t work at any level. Intaducing Gul and Whacky zindabad get progressively more bizarre […]

Sonu Nigam composes and sings the title song – lovely tune steeped in the Punjabi milieu with incredibly high pitch vocals needed for the tune. The rest of the soundtrack is by Anand Raaj Anand, out of which only Heer makes a solid impact with its gorgeous, minimalist-sound melody sung fabulously by Sonu Nigam. Heer’s […]

Adede tholiprema is wonderfully ebullient, with appropriately enthusiastic vocals by Rahul Nambiar and Priya Hemesh, and Sri adorning it with imaginative guitar. Andala haseena, despite its outdated tune, bscores with its orchestration. Chikati padithe, unfortunately, is terribly run-of-the-mill, while Osi nee andaalu, with a strangely subdued Karthik and NSK Ramya, seems awkward. And O preyasi […]

Tooh, that hyper energetic Punjabi ode to the derriere, is adequately and frivolously foot-tapping. Chingam chabake seems to be pushing the luck – woefully derivative. Thankfully, Dhat teri ki brings the funk back – breezy, retro-styled coolth, with fantastic vocals by Sanam Puri and Aditi Singh Sharma! Dil duffer too, with Nitesh Kadam strikingly fresh […]

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