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Endrendrum Punnagai (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Posted by Karthik

Yealae yealae is barely functional, with a droning sound and a pedestrian tune, and an accordion piece that saves it mildly. Ennai saaithaalae is no better – utterly templatized Harris tune that is predictable at every turn. Othayilae is adequately sleep-inducing, while Ennatha sola seems like a pale, unimaginative variant of Ava enna enna from Vaaranam Aayiram. Vaan engum, thankfully, works, with its breezy boy-band pop, and Kadal naan thaan too stands out! Harris concocts a very tuneful song, backed beautifully by Sudha Raghunathan, Suzanne D’Mello and MK Balaji. Same old Harris Jayaraj, with very occasional flashes of something interesting.

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  • Sridhar

    Did you just read my mind? Almost my views too.. But liked ‘Ennatha solla’ a lil bit more than you..

  • Bharat KV

    I really dont understand how come he takes so much time to compose such templatish stuff. He could actually be doing some 30 albums an year with this formula 😉

  • vimal

    Rubbing my hands and waiting patiently to witness the verbal diarrhea here…buhahahaha

  • Sunil Malhotra

    I wasn’t blown away but I found the album much better than Harris’s last two albums which I didn’t bother to repeat after the first hearing. This album definitely has a repeat value. Kadal Naan Than is my pick ATM!

    • Jones

      Absolutely! I was wondering! is it only me who liked this one better than IU. All over the net its full of thumbs up for IU and thumbs down for EK. IU is a great album indeed but has nothing youthfull or festive. I am enjoying this better than IU.

  • Scarlett Lexi

    Garbage review ….All you do is hate on Harris…. you shouldn’t do music reviews if you’re so full of bullshit…. JUST SAYING

    • milliblog

      So how does it work. You’d keep absolutely quiet and assume I love Harris when you read my review of Irandam Ulagam, but when I write this one, you’d jump out of the shelf and go ‘Boo!’? Isn’t it the first time in the world you’re seeing a hater of Harris give a 200 to another album of his?

      Let’s just take stock on who is full of bullshit before jumping to such conclusions.

      • Raj

        This is honest review by Karthik. Dear I appreciate your unbiased views towards any composer, thats why I follow your site for any music review first since almost 4 or 5 years now. Keep it up bro…( btw to conclude Iam a huge Harris Jeyaraj fan ) in this album case Karthik is SPOT ON.

    • Jones

      I dont think that he hates Harris and i don’t either think he is a fan boy of Harris, everyone has different taste. But i do think Karthik should give a few more listens to this album coz in my experience at first listen this album did felt like usual Harris album and turned out to be an absolute treat later. But i dont understand why everyone keeps telling Same old Harris Jayaraj. I always get dilightd, i mean when they play signature Harris songs in TV or Radio after playing all these so called songs with so called new stuff, it actually feels aweosme like visiting home. Why dont they say ‘The same old Ilayaraja’ etc etc Im my opinion its a compliment rather than a critizism. I wish Rahman is the same old Rahman it would have been better that way.

  • Dastunna

    You are such a hater man, please stop… If you don’t have anything good to say about Harris sir…then review other albums from other music directors 😉

    • SUFAID

      Oh no yaar ! He gave 200 for Irandam Ulagam

      We appreciate good stuffs; but how can we rate more for same old stuffs from HJ? !

  • disqus_qkOcQBGxrk

    very boring album. Same old Harris stuff recycled. On top of it traces of Irandam ulagam too. With youngsters like Ghibran and Anirudh churning out hits and trying new stuff it is hight time Harris gives something new to get back to the top again.

    • Jones

      Personally i don’t want Harris to change. I like his style of music. I am not a sucker for the kind of albums Ghibran and Anirudh provide. I guess its the opposite with you. Now what if Ghibran and Anirudh suddenly change their style to something like HJ. Wouldn’t you be dissapointed? So i guess u can go on and listen to Ghibran and Anirudh and let me go on and listen to Harris. Win Win

  • jeevakannan

    Good Review karthik but still you could have added in last line tat Harrish always makes sure tat every songs in album turns to be a listenable/Chartbuster kind the tunes are fresh or rehashed no matter! and im in love with songs and agree with ur review thumbs up for you and harrish jayaraj

    • samson

      well said bro..


    Nice review Karthik; HJ thinks listeners are still addictive to his same old western tracks;i am not a HJ hater ;he gave brilliant Mannavane from IU this year,but Endrendrum Punnaga is let down

  • ShravyaKumar

    A very descent and lovely Album. Liked all the songs. Defo. I believe Visuals will gives diff. feel to these songs.

  • samson

    such a lovely it little more than IU !!

  • Jones

    Kind of had the same take on this album for first few listens. On repeated listens this ones kind of addictive like HJ’s old Varanam aayiram, Dhaam Doom etc… Btw Othayilae is a soulfull number Karthik If u think its sleep inducing then i suppose u are not enjoying the soulfulness of the album.

  • Arjun

    While you are there complaining Ennai Saithalae as templatized I am here Listening to it everymorning and feeling refreshed with its in the midst of dew drops feel. Since when did people stopped enjoying music and started analyzing it? And even by getting into analyzing bullshit I am unable to find any remote connection between Ennatha solla and Ava enna enna. Karthik could you explain a bit abt it?

  • Arun

    12 songs released for HJ in the last 3 months and can safely say that he has produced 9-10 superb numbers and the rest are above average. The Above average for HJ is calibrated as great songs if these songs were composed by other composers except Rahman. What more level of consistency do u expect. HJ is answerable to his director, producer, Audio Label, his fans and then his critics. A very good album!!!

  • Rathnavelu

    Arrgh…these friendship songs…liked Vaan Engum and Saaithale (to an extent), baki saab….bakwaas.

    Harris really needs to choose better directors. His work with IU remains his best but doesn’t necessarily soar beyond his Vaaranam Aayiram or Engeyum Kaadhal (and probably won’t in the forseeable future unless Gautham Menon drops his composer-hopping game (heard Anirudh might be composing his next with Ajith-GVM, not sure how true it is.)

    I really want to believe his next, “Yaan” (with Ravi K Chandran as Director) will bring him back to form, but looking at the genre of the film (romance thriller or something + Hindi/Tamil/Telugu trilingual), I doubt it. No hopes for his Idhir Kathirvelan Kadhal with Udhay Stalin (acting is zero) as it’s OKOK part 2.

    *sigh* I shall wait.

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