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Saturday October 19, 2013 22:39

Coke Studio @ MTV, Season 3 (Music review)

In my view, Season 3 of Coke Stuio @ MTV was shades below Season 2 (but obviously far better than Season 1, of course!). Season 2 set the standard quite well that this season seemed to be struggling to match. But yes, there were some terrific songs in this season too. My two favorite episodes […]

Kathirundhai anbe, with its honey-coated tune is a clear winner. Chinmayi, Nivas and Abhay Jodhpurkar are pitch-perfect in their vocals. Nenjankuzhi – both versions – sound perfunctory; Karthik and Pooja Vaidyanath’s renditions being the only part worth talking about. For a party anthem, Saturday fever, has better lyrics than sound – Madhan Karky’s lyrics imaginatively […]

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