Sunday September 22, 2013

Ramayya Vasthavayya (Music review), Telugu – Thaman

Posted by Karthik

Jabili nuvve lives up to the heavy promo hype! Ranjith is superb in this breezy, rhythmic melody, with Thaman acing the chorus and lilting orchestration! Pandaga chesko sounds distinctly like a Devi Sri Prasad track, and has interesting carnatic mandolin and constant background guitar playing to good effect. Idhi ranarangam is bombastic and templatized, while Kurrayeedu sees Thaman using the Devi Sri format again. Neneppudaina‘s pathos is too sappy, but the album closes in true Andhra masala-style with the rocking O Lailaa, as Rahul rules over the catchy track! Thaman seems to be getting as predictable as Devi Sri Prasad.

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  • ryerram

    Four out of the six songs you described them as being good yet your concluding sentence says Thaman is getting too repetitive? That’s makes no sense.
    Also Neneppudaina is very good song especially after multiple listens.
    And lastly, I don’t know why but you really seem to not like DSP and compare everyone’s repetitiveness on him. DSP produces music to make you want to dance and fall love and he is one of the best composers the Telugu industry has.

    Thank you

    • milliblog

      It’s the reverse, no – 2 out of 6 that I seem to like? And DSP is someone I do like, but find him incredibly repetitive and also think his range is limited if he’s not pushed. He does produce good albums like 100% Love, but that’s rare. I just feel bad that Thaman is moving towards the DSP template of music – mostly this is to do with using one hook and instrumental version of that hook repetitively.

  • shafeeque

    even i too found a dsp effect allover.. bt to be honest.. no song disappointed me.. even neneppudaina and jabilli makes a great impact over the listeners..

  • MobileEnthusiast

    The rhythm in Pandaga Chesko reminds me of Urvasi Urvasi by A R Rahman.

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