Sunday August 25, 2013

Megha (Music review), Tamil – Ilayaraja

Posted by Karthik

For an enchanting tune like Mugilo, complete with amazing violins, the choice of Yuvan is heartbreakingly questionable. Yuvan’s voice seems better suited for Chellam konjum, but along with Enna vendum, Raja’s tunes are awkwardly outdated at best. Raja’s anguished cry in Jeevane is incredible, as if he’s singing out to his late wife, propped by gorgeous violins, while the change of rhythm in Kalvane works fabulously to its advantage, but for the bizarre gear-shifting in the anupallavi! Putham puthu sounds incredibly fresh even today, as it always has! Some odd choices mar what could have been vastly different, in Megha.

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  • misterf neo

    hey karthik “thalaimuraigal” trailer released. i hope you “prepared” with your write up(review!) already. i expect u too post it immediate after 10 min of audio release. as you did for “megha”. i am just “fan” of you eagerly waiting for your review.

    • milliblog

      Aaaaaw shucks, terribly sorry to disappoint you. I was told that there are no songs in Thalaimuraigal! So sad that you won’t be able to ‘fan’ or ‘see’ my review since I don’t review background music. If you want to get over your disappointment, you can always click here –


    ndian film industry’s most revered music composer Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja
    has got a new acclaim. A popular website for world cinema lovers has
    listed the top 25 film composers in Cinema history. Titled as ‘The 25
    Greatest Film Composers In Cinema History’, the list includes the
    Maestro Ilaiyaraaja at the ninth position which means Raja sir is one
    among the top 10 greatest composers in the history ofCinema.

  • Bharathi

    Sorry to start this discussion again, but only negative aspect of this album is that ilayaraja used same sound as for nepv rest all are brilliant. Certainly deserved for 200 else 300 if not for the sound.

  • Sriram

    If not for one remake song (not remix, please note), nobody would have noticed this album. NEPV and this album deserve only 100. (I still can’t understand why NEPV got 300.. Is just sounded so unlike Raja?)

    I again request you – please disable comments for Raja albums. It will save lot of time for everyone.

  • Hari Narayanan

    i’ve been following your blog (if not all posts) for last 3 years. I guess, in specific to Ilaiyaraja, the fact is you’re not yet fed up of him (your implicit respect for his music work as a whole) and all that you honestly seek is a Ilaiyaraaja rediscovery.. that he should reinvent himself. btw- personally, i try to see a soul of a music than just the person & his credits. And see lot of promise in people like Santhosh Narayan, Ghibran, etc (Tamil circle). btw- what Ilaiyarja needs for that rediscovery good be really good subjects (or directors) or themes that should utilise his vast knowledge of classical music. I guess you dont review albums.. but there is one Ilaiyaraja did recently where I see that ‘classical’ value exhibited. ‘Swappnam’ for a music theatre production. IR fans if they feel truly there are, may start spending some attention to endorse such works from the maestro that he can get the better of himself. Karthik- hope you will listen to this-

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