Saturday August 24, 2013

Top 25 songs of Yuvan Shankar Raja

Posted by Karthik

In 1997, after listening to Karthikraja’s fantastic score in Ullasam and listening to Yuvan’s debut in Aravindan, I was more or less convinced that the former would rule the roost and the latter will go unnoticed. Yuvan has proved my assumption completely wrong and the reverse has happened.

I still hold a cautiously guarded outlook towards Yuvan’s music – he has his strengths, but can also be wildly unpredictable – both positively and negatively. But it’s that unpredictable nature that has perhaps steered him towards his 100th soundtrack, in Biriyani. In this journey, he has several songs that stand out. The following list is a personal top 25 songs from Yuvan’s wonderful musical journey so far, even though, as a complete soundtrack, Poovellaam Keettuppaar remains my all-time favorite from Yuvan.

As always (in Milliblog), the list is in order of preference – my order of preference. I’m sure I can hear tons of people listing tons of other songs asking me why I dropped it, but trust me, this is a really tough job. I have listened to a LOT of songs all over again, made a master list that went to about 50+ and then worked my way through this 25. So, feel free to point out songs that are not in the list, but just remember that I may have considered them and dropped them for the sake of arriving at a tight 25 song list.

The other interesting part – I also cross-checked my own reviews (since Milliblog started in 2005) to see how my preferences have changed. They remain largely the same wth regard to my favorite songs of Yuvan, but there are some interesting changes as well, starting with the song right on top of the list!

Top 25 songs of Yuvan Shankar Raja

01. Idhu varai – Goa
02. Chudithar aninthu – Poovellam Kettuppaar
03. Sanjaram – Kannamoochi Yenada
04. En kannodu – Arindhum Ariyaamalum
05. Needhaane – Sarrvam
06. Aaha kaadhal – Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal
07. Kaatriley nadanthene – Aadhi Bagavan
08. Iragai pola – Naan Mahaan Alla
09. Sehari – Oye (Telugu)
10. Saroja samaan nikalo – Chennai 600028
11.┬áIrava pagala – Poovellaam Kettuppaar
12. Ninaithu ninaithu – 7G Rainbow Colony
13. Variya – Pudhupettai
14. Kannan varum velai – Deepavali
15. Nahnh na nah (Jack Swing Mix) – Biriyani
16. Para para pattaamboochi – Katradhu Tamizh
17. Adada vaa – Sarrvam
18. All day jolly day – Manadhai Thirudi Vittaai
19. En kaadhal solla – Paiyaa
20. Vilayadu mankatha – Mankatha
21. Chinna chinnadhai – Mounam Pesiyadhe
22. Pani thuli – Kanda Naal Mudhal
23. Namma kaattula – Pattiyal
24. Konjam konjam – Arindhum Ariyaamalum
25. Loosu penne – Vallavan

YouTube playlist of these 25 songs. Do note that given the mixed quality, this playlist is best used as an audio playlist and not as a video playlist. Also, I could not find the Jack Swing Mix of Biriyani Nah na na, so have used the original version.

PS: I did anticipate a LOT of dissatisfied voices over this list and I’m glad it is happening. It actually means that there are so many songs that people love in Yuvan repertoire and that is only a good thing. Imagine – if everybody agreed to my list of 25, it may simply mean the composer just has 25 really good songs that everybody seems to totally agree about.



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