Friday August 16, 2013

Vidiyum Mun (Music review), Tamil – Girishh G

Posted by Karthik

Theeradha mounam has a soporific sound; Tanvi Rao’s dispassionate singing doesn’t help either, barring minor flashes of ingenuity in the orchestration using carnatic guitar and sax orchestration. The other version by Girishh himself fares no better. The same problem plagues Vidiyaadha iravu – Girishh’s awkward vocals reduce whatever interest the pulsating guitars create. It’s a hat-trick with Susheela Raman’s vocals in Penne – she’s her usual self, it’s the tune that seems to have jumped off Rajneesh’s ashram. The two instrumental pieces – Rage and Redemption – seem just functionally competent. Is this soundtrack really from the composer of Marina?

Keywords: Girishh Gopalakrishnan, Vidiyum Mum, Susheela Raman



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