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Irandam Ulagam (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Posted by Karthik

Karthik is in his elements in Kanimozhiye, a typically breezy Harris-style melody – it is loaded with familiar elements from the composer’s repertoire, but the really absorbing tune makes all the difference! Two veterans – SP Balasubramaniam and lyricist Vairamuthu rule En kaadhal thee, a slow-burning tune with Harris playing around with interesting accompaniments like whistling and accordion to add depth! The composer again gets the singers part perfect in Mannavane – Shaktishree Gopalan and Gopal Rao (of Agosh fame!) make for a unique duo for the endearing folk-style duet that gains from Harris’ imaginative orchestration layered beautifully with guitar. Vinnaithaandi‘s techno sound, in comparison, seems tepid, but Dhanush brings back the spunk with Pazhangalla, a meditative kuthu with exotic Latin and Middle Eastern-tinged sound! Hariharan and Sriram are great together in Rakozhi, though the tune is a tad too simplistic to make an impact; Harris adorns it with a sound that is best in the soundtrack, however! The theme music, featuring Chennai Chorale and Chennai Orchestra is mesmerizing! Harris Jayaraj’s first collaboration with Selvaraghavan throws up an interesting soundtrack. It may not touch the high the director gets with Yuvan, but is still a highly listenable and note-worthy effort!

Keywords: Irandam Ulagam, Harris Jayaraj, Selvargahavan, 200, #200



  • Padmanaban Iyer

    Itunes? flyte? CD’S? or some other source? am waiting 🙁

    • milliblog


      • Dastunna

        Then y can’t copy the songs to ur computer or whatever and upload it on youtube or post it somewhereeee

        • wootshire

          Why can’t you wait a day or two and obtain it legally?

          • Rathnavelu

            It’s out in two days? Source?

          • wootshire

            Not literally “a day or two.” A figure of speech to denote some small amount of time.

    • Gokul Nath S

      Flyte has been shut down, if you didn’t know.

    • shafeeque

    • Badhri
  • Rathnavelu

    Really bad management from Sony Music. Guess they’re too busy with ‘Thalaivaa/Vanakkam Chennai promotions’ to care.

  • balkumaran iyer

    wonderful album you should have credited for vairamuthu lyrics too tat actually taken songs too next level too poetic , wonderd how harris had deliverd some good stuffs now ,after some pathetic albums released last year !!.. guess he need good extractors like selva gvm to do so ? !! whatever worth a listen album , congrats selva harris vairamuthu

  • nmpraveen

    Class written all over.. SPB song was mesmerising.. I wish he could have done more experimentation in songs template like Aromale from VTV. Anyway not disappointed by any means.

  • Srinivasan Nagarajan

    Raakozhi song has “Mosha muttum paadamellam soda goliya” line from nanban and telugu lines from “Aga Naga” in Ko ..

  • shafeeque

    wht a comeback by harris !!!! the best album in 2013 next to mariyan..
    hatsoff to harris ji… nt only for this wonderfull album.. bt fr the survival tht he done…
    kanimozhiye s d pick…..

  • ShravyaKumar

    The best Orchestration listened since thrahimam 1& 2. the combination of HARRIS-SPB-Hariharan is always Epic. Great com back by harris. Versatile album. Great album.

  • febinntj

    To start with,being an ardent harris fan i was really
    disappointed with his recent albums maattran(except rettai kathire) and
    thuppaki.So the irandam ulagam expectation was not that much.The only
    excitement was harris-selva-vairamuthu combo. Then i saw karthik gave 200#review for harris something unusual ha? ipurposely didnt listen to the singles released on the eve of audio launch as I was
    waiting for the full album.With great effort i was able to get the cd today
    morning and anxiously started listening to the 1st song
    “kanimozhiye”.then “en kaadhal thee”,”mannavane”,alas !!!”vinnaithandi” …..Soooo relaxxxed that the harris magic is back and

    The best of harris after vaaranam aayiram!!congratulations
    selva for teaming up with harris and hats off to harris sir for such a mesmerizing romantic album !!!which is going for sure a musical blockbuster for sony.

    superb orchestration and programming as always… spb
    and vairamuthu adding honey to sugar syrup! this album once again proves the need for a director with music sense who can exploit the caliber of a musician…Thanks to you karthik for being kind to
    give a 200# for harris.

    GUYS GO FOR IRANDAM ULAGAM and get ready to immerse yourself in harris’s magical melodies………….

  • Adithya Bourne

    i think credit should be given to selvaragavan,he always brings best out of his composers….i don’t know whether over-hyped harris can deliver anything like this for other directors….

  • Bharat KV

    Mix of thuppakki tune and “Deep Forest” beats… thats “Vinnaithaandi…” Dont think its got anything to deserve 200… Most of the songs are just recycled stuff… Just that its melodious and has good orchestration…

  • jeanjohny

    Don’t know why whenever I listen to ‘Mannavane’ I automatically sing ‘Bhoola Thuje’ from Blue and the ‘Paani paani’ part in ‘Mujhme tu’ from Special 26.. Also Vinnaithaandi brings Rahman’s Commonwealth song’s hook line, Playo, Jeeyo..

    • Jerome Vinod

      Exactly echoed my thought on the Mannavane song! Was really waiting for someone to comment on this.

    • Bharat KV

      The second interlude in Kanimozhiye is exactly the humming from “acham acham illai” (indra)

    • Bharat KV

      Actually “Mannavane” resembles “Elay” from Sakkarakatti… probably the same rhythm…

      • Sathya

        I don’t think Harris will listen to such crap songs 😛

        • Badhri

          Not even rhythm, its just the same instrument u guys gotta grow up.

  • Hari Krishna

    The guitar portion in pazhankallu song reminded me of Hotel California!

  • Badhri

    Wasn’t impressed initially. It took some time to grow. Best of Harris in recent times.

  • Thiyagaraj K S

    Each and every song is different in this album and Harris delivered it wonderfully with Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu’s heart-stealing poetic lyrics. Selvaraghavan’s imagination is apart from anything else in Indian Cinema. As some one commented here, Initially Kanimozhiye and Vinnaithaandi were looked like Harris’s style. As listening few more times only we can feel that other songs are amazing and which proved Harris is Back. Sensational album of the year for sure. Outstanding Music by Harris Jayaraj. Best wishes for Irandam Ulagam team for the success.

  • nataraj

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  • Vasanth

    love all tracks 🙂 Thank you Selva + harris combo .

  • Amicuzzz

    After repeated listenings, what I felt was this is a part soothing mix of previous HJ songs at best, a tad bit better than HJ’s last 3 years but not in any way fresh or classy .. but thankfully minus all the usual gibberish chants HJ adds..
    ‘Kanimozhiye’ has the same style as ‘Vidai kodu’ from Thuppakki plus the female track..But a soothing templated track with strong traces of ‘Dhimu Dhimu’ from Engeyum Kadhal in the humming bit.
    ‘En kadhal thee’ is good, SPB makes this very likable.
    ‘Mannavane’ is spiced up Bhoola tujhe (Blue) ..Thumbs up for singing
    Vinnaithandi is fast forward quality..’Oh Nisha Nisha ‘ humming from Thuppakki becomes ‘Neeya sollu neeya neeya..poyya’..blah blah ;(
    ‘Rakkozhi’ is recycled from Nanban’s ‘en friende pole’ & ‘en kaladi midhipedum kallu’ line from Aga Naga (Ko)..Hariharan is wasted..
    Panangallu is a typical drunk philosophical song…Hardly any repeat quality
    Theme music sounds cliched with template sound effects thrown in..
    The 200 words seem to be a moderation for a composer stuck in a mould , trying hard to bring up an OST which is hardly original but saved in part by the inspiring singing. The recycler saga goes on ;( Yuvan should have been scoring for this..

    • Shankar

      Hey **** off. Stop using your detective brains only to Harris. Do the same analysis for every composer you will find the same in every albums. What up

    • febinntj

      Expecting your same shit for HJ’s coming EP!!!. hopeless!
      Thanks shankar bro you’re 100% right.

  • Pradeep Saravanan

    Selva can extract world music only with one and only yuvan.all songs in this album is already like heared

  • Noushad

    Reactions after first listen ,this album is markedly different to HJ’s previous works and i guess it can be attributed to the Story and Selva.The orchestration and singing is top quality but musically it lacks .The good songs sound similar to his earlier works and the others remains as attempts .Not worthy of 200 IMO

  • Prashanth Tamang

    Mannavanae!! Omg!! Song of the year or decade????!!!

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