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Divya Ramani’s opener, Kadalil kan mashi, makes wonderful use of her vocal range, despite the very-Vidyasagar’ish use of Kaapi raga in the tune! Nee en mizhigalil‘s Roja-Pudhu Vellai Mazhai ambitions are apparent, but composer Navneeth adds enough here to stand on its own, complete with a lively turn towards the end! Srinivas and Aalaap Raju […]

Sunday July 14, 2013 12:36

Eyy (Music review), Telugu – Shravan

The title song is bombastic and raucous, in the time honored tradition of Hero-introduction title songs – foot-tapping, however! Nee venakale is the complete opposite – breezy and impressive melody accentuated by Sai Charan’s vocals. Kavya does the honors for the other breezy melody, Emaindo gundelo, but the tune is predictably boring. Shravan makes the […]

Saturday July 13, 2013 07:40

Top recent listens (June 2013)

Dirty paws, Mountain sound, Little talks, Six weeks, Your bones, Sloom, Lakehouse & Yellow light – My Head Is An Animal (Of Monsters and Men) My Head Is An Animal is the debut album of the Icelandic band Of Monsters And Men. Whereas Bjork was the only successful musical import from Icelandic till now, this […]

Wednesday July 10, 2013 21:10

Nedunchaalai (Music review), Tamil – C Sathya

Palaniammal’s rustic voice is the highlight of Nandooruthu with Sathya reinventing the seduction-theme that was in vogue in 80s. Thamirabarani seems straight out of Yuvan’s repertoire, layered with Sathya’s now-trademark work in rhythm. Ivan yaaro‘s lovely tune gains from Madhushree’s singing, while Vaigai nathi is familiar, slow-burning pathos. Kadal thaandi is an intriguing mix of […]

Of the four songs by Gaurav Dagaonkar, it is perhaps a question which song is worst! Even Shalmali sounds terrible in the atrocious Solah baras ki! Adam/Eddie’s sole contribution Bas tu hi hai is clearly from the 90s Indipop bandwagon, complete with silly lyrics and a badly sung non-descript tune. That leaves Prashant Pillai to […]

If Freedom’s predictable rhythmic mash-up is catchy, Cheliya makes fantastic use of KK’s vocals for a rousing tune! Ayyo paapam and Pimple dimple, despite the cringe-worthy set-up, are at least foot-tapping with neat hooks! Oye oye has David Simon and Andrea ruling the stylishly orchestrated tune, while Nee jathaga is the soundtrack’s pick – superb […]

One two three four is Mehmood-style South Indianized Hindi song, with a generic Tamil kuthu base. Barring its rhythmic background, Kashmir main’s tune is annoyingly templatized. Ready Steady Po is passable techno, while the title song has veteran SPB in his much-maligned, accented Hindi singing, perhaps intentionally, for a Farah-Khan-end-credits-style tune. The soundtrack is wonderfully […]

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