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Chennai Express (Music review), Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar

Posted by Karthik

One two three four is Mehmood-style South Indianized Hindi song, with a generic Tamil kuthu base. Barring its rhythmic background, Kashmir main’s tune is annoyingly templatized. Ready Steady Po is passable techno, while the title song has veteran SPB in his much-maligned, accented Hindi singing, perhaps intentionally, for a Farah-Khan-end-credits-style tune. The soundtrack is wonderfully salvaged by Tera rasta and Titli, two zingy melodies where the delightful music is accentuated by superb singing – Amitabh Bhattacharya and Anusha Mani, and Chinmayi and Gopi Sunder, respectively. But for these two songs, Chennai Express’s soundtrack is like an Amit passing via Chennai.

Keywords: Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani, Vishal-Shekhar, Chennai Express



  • Subhendu

    Only Titli is good in absolute sense. Other songs are so very bad that Tera Rasta sounds relatively melodious. Vishal-Sekhar music directors hain, lekin woh baat nahi hain πŸ˜›

  • Rakesh

    Is this even a review? The album does not have any new tunes but scores high on authenticity of the south Indian flavour for quite a few of the songs. SPB’s singing has its charm, accent or no accent. The album sounds pretty much in tune with what to expect from a Rohit Shetty film.

    • “Scores high on authenticity of the south Indian flavor”. LOL!

      • bukowskinerd

        Haha, yeah that made me chuckle as well.

  • Abhi

    There are better albums in market like Sixteen waiting for your review πŸ™‚

  • unknown

    This is the worst album of Vishal-Shekhar and worst album of the year. Titli is superb and Tera Rasta is ok.

  • Rathnavelu

    2 songs are bliss (Titli gets a bigger edge than Tera Rasta because we rarely get melodies from V-S and more Yuvan style club-like songs.) But this is easily the WORST work from Vishal-Shekhar (I think tying with SOTY maybe.)

    Didn’t expect much for a film on south culture since it’s SRK (Ra One influence of mocking Tamilians continues here + Rohit Shetty OST even though Singham was really good.) By Amits for Amits this Chennai Express.

    Had to bear with more Amits mocking Dhanush during Raanjhanaa screening, looks like I’ll be giving this a miss.

    • rnjbond

      I’m one of those “Amits” – pretty sure most people appreciated Dhanush’s acting in Raanjhanaa more than mocking it. No reason to keep up this persecution complex.

      • Rathnavelu

        Not if some of them make stupid Rajnikanth-Chuck Norris jokes for the remainder of the movie (especially when he speaks Tamil in the second half.)

        If SRK’s going to do about TN culture you A) Don’t cast a Kannadiga actress B)You don’t put Kathakalis & wear white in TN (That’s for Onam down in Kerala.) C) There’s no such thing as Chennai Junction (even the Tamil script is entirely wrong.) The makers made zero effort to get the culture right. The correct station is Chennai-Central.

        • bukowskinerd

          I disagree re: not casting Kannadiga actress – doesn’t really matter. B and C are valid. Also awful accent – I mean Deepika should know better, even if she’s not Tamil that no one in south has such accent – it sounds like fake bengali accent more like.

          • Rathnavelu

            Yeah. That accent screamed “Lola Kutty” from Quick Gun Murugan.

        • rnjbond

          Again, don’t care about this movie.

          The point you’re missing is that you (and Karthik, apparently) need to get over this “oh, Amits don’t respect South Indian culture” nonsense.

          Unless we’re having a pity party here, then I can complain about how “Madrasis” don’t respect Punjabis and how my Sikh friend only gets called “Sardarji” when he goes to Chennai (because learning his name would be too tough).

  • bukowskinerd

    Nailed it Kartik. Titli actually sounded a far worse as a full song than what I saw in the promos too. Love Chinmayee+Gopi Sunder combo though – only thing that salvages this soundtrack from being absolute trash.

  • bukowskinerd

    PS: SPB’s song is bloody awful I felt. I mean you can’t just tolerate a horrible composition just because it’s SPB crooning the song.

    Should’ve probably got DSP (or random “mass” composer here) to compose – at least he could’ve got some decent kuthu tracks in.

  • Arun

    Its a fantastic album…

  • Bollywood

    Great album by VS…SRK will rock these songs

  • suraj

    Waiting for DSP”s ‘Yevadu’ review bro.

  • suraj

    Please review Telugu albums ‘Romance’ and DSP’s ‘Yevadu’ πŸ™‚

  • tejas

    What is the Amit reference?

    • milliblog

      Amit is the ‘North Indian’ equivalent of ‘madrasi’. A generic ‘north Indian’ person in Chennai who is clueless and not interested in learning local nuances. Quite a common usage on Twitter πŸ™‚

      • tejas

        @milliblog:disqus Do you know if this is the real Amit Trivedi?

        • bukowskinerd

          Fake, confirmed. Also @MeinAmitabh too, FTR.

  • Rathnavelu

    BTW, eager to hear your views on “Chennayil Oru Naal” OST.

  • Varun Shah

    Doesn’t the tune in the title song sound similar to the beginning of Ishq Vishq from Wanted?

  • Karthik Mohan

    Dude you have not mentioned Charulatha Mani as one of the singers in Titli!

    • Srikanth Mantravadi

      Charulatha Mani and Madhumitha Mani sang the chorus portions. Doubt it is possible for Karthik to include their reference within a 100 word review. πŸ™‚ I love the choral interludes very much though.

  • rnjbond

    Couldn’t care less about this soundtrack, but after your last line, would highly suggest you read this piece ( about the so-called “South Indian” stereotypes.

    After all, the music of Legend of Bhagat Singh wasn’t authentic Punjabi, but I doubt you said that the soundtrack was “like an Iyer passing via Amritsar”

    • Bean Doke

      same with “Bombay” or “saathiya”, not one authentic bombay-style song. but i doubt anyone noticed πŸ™‚

      • How do you define an authentic bombay style song? Also, the movie Bombay itself was made in Tamil, and later dubbed in Hindi.

        • Bean Doke

          music with traditional instruments that are popular in maharashtra that have the maharashtrian music composition style.

    • milliblog

      I don’t quite agree with Rangan on that piece. His logic is, ‘the film is Rohit Shetty’s – it’ll be like that only. So don’t bother’. LoBS’s music was not authentic Punjabi, but it did not make fun of it either. It was a non-Punjabi’s interpretation. Chennai Express hardly seems like that, at least to me.

      As for taking stereotypes lying down, this is where I differ from Rangan. I look at the number of people it’d could reach and would (and I believe, should) like to give it back in kind – all in good humor – if that’s what Rohit started with. If Rohit can, so can I – again, all in good, harmless humor, if that’s what he intended.

      Finally, Amit is not every ‘North Indian’ in Chennai… only the clueless type who asks why Chennai folks don’t speak Hindi despite it being the national language. I know of enough ‘North Indians’ in Chennai who have taken some effort to blend with the crowd without cribbing.

      • Vin

        Hindi is our national language??? since when?Fyi it is only official language and not national language.

  • mila

    listening, forgetting it, pity

  • Guest

    @milliblog Do you know if this is the real Amit Trivedi?

  • Sanjay Kumar

    Tera rasta – the beginning reminds me of an interlude from deepangal pesum (movie – devadhai)

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  • Harpreet Singh
  • Vishwastam Shukla

    A humble take on “Tum hi ho” from Aashiqui 2 at & . Appreciate any comments/feedback.

  • mohammed noufal

    Have to say they are reverting back to the pop-ish music they started out with….After shangai and Kahaani had high hopes for them looks like they are happy dolling out mass drivel ….They are capable of much more than this…..I agree that the context of movies warrants music of this standard…But clearly when the requisite talent is there shouldn’t they aspire for a little more????????

  • Noushad

    Heard the album and liked only Titli ,Waited till i saw the movie to see if watching the picturisation of it might change my opinion ,Came home deleted the enitre album but Titli,absolutely gorgeous stuff from Chinmayi

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