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The way Anirudh employs Ananthkrrishnan’s violin in the folksy Osaka, and Balesh’s shehnai in the more modern Ailasa for essentially the same time is a lovely contrast! Hey is more of Ethirneechal, complete with Yuvan-style celtic usage, while Engadi porandha is at best an occasionally interesting melange, featuring Baasha! Chennai city gangsta is dance-worthy noise, […]

Otta thumbi is typical Vidyasagar – a gorgeous folksy melody backed by a resonant sound and Raja-styled violin interludes, and sung fabulously by Shankar Mahadevan and Chithra. Cheru cheru‘s mock techno sound and Hai hai‘s forced frenzy and celebration hardly work. The short pulipulikalil -with endearing vocals by young Varsha Renjith – is background’ish at […]

Aaradugula bullet(u) goes through the motion in typical Telugu hero intro-style, but Devi manages to infuse a stylish sound. Ninnu chudugane is Devi’s show – oh-so-cool tune and his drawl’y vocals are fantastic! Shankar Mahadevan seems perfect for the faux retro-style Bapu garu bomma – catchy tune, orchestrated well. The short Deva devam, with its […]

Khulla saand has the Band Baaja Baarat hangover, but it’s the duo’s likeable catchiness. Benny Dayal and Monali Thakur are in great form in Muh meetha, an enjoyable tune made better by the simple, rhythmic techno arrangement. Rabba main, the duo’s last, is the soundtrack’s best – lovely, pensive tune orchestrated expertly. Akash Chopra does […]

Javed Bashir gets another faux-sufi song in Ye tune kya kiya, but where earlier songs like this at least scored was in the vocals – Javed’s gruffy vocals actually goes against the template here. Tu hi khwahish tries best to recreate the 80s flashy sound but the tune hardly works… even Sunidhi sounds out of […]

Adaivaana‘s psychedelic sound is more jarring than absorbing even as Ranjith sleepwalks through the middling tune. Naan manmathar is best suited for a period when Vetri Vizha’s Maarugo maarugo was making waves, while veteran Yesudas’ Oru kodi pournami sits uncomfortably between his aged vocals and the modern sound. Of the two very-Vidyasagar’ish velvety melodies, Yaarai […]

Hariharasudhan’s Oodhaa kalaru opens the soundtrack a fabulous note – typical Imman-material with all likeable elements like the catchy tune and punchy rhythm! Indha ponnungale reeks of the composer’s Manam Kothi Paravai, but still makes for a compelling listen! Paakaadhae and Yennada are those melodies that Imman is currently known for – whiff of Ilayaraja […]

Monday July 15, 2013 21:18

Endrendrum (Music review), Tamil – Dharan

Thoda thoda opens the soundtrack on an enchanting note! The tune is soft, very hummable and beautifully orchestrated. Plus, fantastic singing by Haricharan, and Ranina Reddy, in particular! But she sounds oddly ill-at-ease in Kanne kanne – in fact, she hardly sounds like herself, with a droning tune to boot! The title song is very […]

Mohit Chauhan seems terribly uncomfortable with his Tamil pronunciation in Hello yaaradhu, even though the breezy tune is not bad at all. Thankfully, the other version by Vijay Prakash makes amends and helps the song. Kerala pola is as stereotypical of Kerala, by Tamil cinema, as Shah Rukh Khan’s team stereotypes Tamil, in Chennai Express. […]

Composer Shravan sings Kaadhal prema himself as if his life depended on it… and it works wonderfully well, for the catchy melody! Both Maarinade (the version by Haricharan being much better than the other version by Guna) and Konchem konchem are soft melodies layered with ambitiously grand orchestration that kick off mid-way – it’s quite […]

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