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Thattungada melatha, despite all the effort by Thaman in the racy backgrounds, ends up as too familiar a template from him. Gana Bala’s otherwise earthy voice gets severely synthesized in Poosani kaai, thereby robbing it off any edge. Haricharan and Udit Narayan’s odd duet, Raja raja naandhaane, has a pleasant tune that comes with an […]

Kaattukulla kannaamoochi is an interesting concoction of instruments and sounds, though the tune don’t add up to something adequately exciting. Yele yele offers something similar – MS Viswanathan’s time-withered vocals stand out even in the talk’y tune adorned with the catchy bluegrass sound. Dingu songu is yet another TASMAC kuthu that refuses to do anything […]

Arjun assembles the most absorbing sounds in Preethi maado that works even for the simple masala tune. The composer rocks Node node, composing and singing the lilting faux-Hindustani tune with elan. But the composer’s voice hardly suits the Ganesh-puraana in Autoraja, even though he nails the tune rather well. Shame shame and Sachinu batting ge […]

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