Friday June 21, 2013

World Music Day – Must-listen world music album recommendations

Posted by Karthik

Today is World Music Day. While it has been interpreted as a worldwide day for music in general, there is a thought that it is about music of the world (away from one’s immediate country/surroundings). The jury is still out there, but let me make a case for the latter, here.

As Indians, we have always heard of wonderful world music albums, even before the internet era. I still remember Deep Forest’s self-titled album (1992) and the 1995 album Boheme being highly talked about in India, while I was in school/college. This is also largely because of Indian music composers lifting Deep Forest’s songs in Telugu/Hindi/Tamil films.

Then there was Mory Kante’s Akwaba Beach… and album that Amitabh Bachchan allegedly asked Laxmikant Pyarelal to listen to and use in Agneepath and Hum! More recently, former music journalist Narendra Kusnur wrote a blog post on a beginner’s guide to world music, with 5 albums as his recommendation.


If I were to ask you to name one (just one) world music album as recommendation (assuming it is your absolute favorite world music album), which one would that be? I have two, as my reco – Mory Kante’s Akwaba Beach and Music For An Arabian Night, by Ron Goodwin and His Orchestra (you’d discover many 50s and 60s Hindi film songs from this album!).

ron1 ron2

Your turn? Comment here, or leave a comment on Milliblog’s Facebook page. Or, just tweet it to me on @milliblog – would help if you add the hashtag #MLworldmusic (I can collect/curate them easier).

Hoping to get an year’s supply of album recommendations from this exercise, for me and for everyone who reads Milliblog.


Here are some of the entries (with a sample track on YouTube) that came in across multiple modes – I’m sure going to have a great time exploring them!


(Reco by Whatzisnem)


(Reco by Mila)


(Reco by Charan Babu)


(Reco by Kishore)


(Reco by Chandra Sekar)


(Reco by Vithun Kumar)


(Reco by Kaushik Dave)

Jimmy Hendrix (1968) - Electric Ladyland - Front

(Reco by Siddharth)

night song

(Reco by ParikhM)


(Reco by Abhishek Choudhury)


(Reco by ParikhM)


(Reco by Guest)


(Reco by E-tard)


(Reco by Tejas)

Afro-Celt-Sound-System-Volume-2 -Release

(Reco by Siddesh S)

(Reco by Wootshire)



(Both recos by MastMolly)


(Reco by P1j)


(Reco by ParikhM)



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