Archive for June 14th, 2013

Ammadi ammadi is Imman channeling his inner Ilayaraja – gobsmackingly lovely melody, made even better by Shreya! Balram sounds great in Oru ora ora; fantastic orchestration set to a tune touching the gorgeous Shanmukapriya (or, is it Keeravani?) raga. Imman serves another ace in Nelaavattam, a super rhythmic folk’ish song that makes fabulous use of Unnikrishnan […]

Daler’s opener, Gurbani, is serene, and makes fabulous use of his often-abused range. The title song, sung by Arif Lohar, is an odd disappointment with a tune that promises to do something at every second, but never does! The rock version is sung and orchestrated better, but is again the perfect example of a non-starter! […]

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