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Sunday June 2, 2013 21:17

Balupu (Music review), Telugu – Thaman

Kajalu chelliva has nothing new at all, but in true Thaman style, it doesn’t disappoint the feet! Yaevaindho ropes in veteran SPB for a lovely melody with a very, very 80s Raja’ish rhythm… to very good effect! Manasi tries very hard to elevate Lucky lucky from mediocrity, but in vain. Padipoyaanila, with its sparse rhythm […]

Sunday June 2, 2013 21:13

Sahasam (Music review), Telugu – Sri

Dola dola is filmy, showy and immensely listenable! Sharmila is superb in her singing even as Sri loads the orchestration with quirky tricks to add spunk, particularly a catchy bridge between the antara and mukhda! Geetha Madhuri, however, goes overboard in the song’s other version. Karunya is splendid the serenne O kanu paapaa which has […]

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