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Kannadi silaye‘s simple and earthy tune is lilting, with strong vocals by Santosh Hariharan and Sangeetha, while Vijay adds a touch of his usually absorbing sounds. In Kaadhal kiliye, Vijay employs Mayamalavagowlai to sweeping effect, with little nuances in the orchestration that add considerable charm. Udalgal irandum too gains tremendously from Vijay’s engaging tune, though […]

Mika leads Duma dum‘s umpteenth remake – largely familiar and tepid version. But Alvida is a complete opposite – awesome, brooding backgrounds and splendid vocals by Nikhil D’Souza, Sukhvinder, Loy and particularly Shruti Haasan! Murshid khele holi is wonderfully harmonious, with a distinctly non-qawal intrusion at places that adds zing to the song! Rekha Bharadwaj […]

Thattungada melatha, despite all the effort by Thaman in the racy backgrounds, ends up as too familiar a template from him. Gana Bala’s otherwise earthy voice gets severely synthesized in Poosani kaai, thereby robbing it off any edge. Haricharan and Udit Narayan’s odd duet, Raja raja naandhaane, has a pleasant tune that comes with an […]

Kaattukulla kannaamoochi is an interesting concoction of instruments and sounds, though the tune don’t add up to something adequately exciting. Yele yele offers something similar – MS Viswanathan’s time-withered vocals stand out even in the talk’y tune adorned with the catchy bluegrass sound. Dingu songu is yet another TASMAC kuthu that refuses to do anything […]

Arjun assembles the most absorbing sounds in Preethi maado that works even for the simple masala tune. The composer rocks Node node, composing and singing the lilting faux-Hindustani tune with elan. But the composer’s voice hardly suits the Ganesh-puraana in Autoraja, even though he nails the tune rather well. Shame shame and Sachinu batting ge […]

Tamizh pasanga is flat and dull, with a spruced up Michael Jackson rhythm and excessively synthesized vocals. But Yaar indha, with its delightful melody and strong Celtic flavor is a great listen, while Sol sol, with its reasonably likeable tune, but jaded orchestration, makes for an odd combo. Thalaivaa is merely high on jingoism and […]

Today is World Music Day. While it has been interpreted as a worldwide day for music in general, there is a thought that it is about music of the world (away from one’s immediate country/surroundings). The jury is still out there, but let me make a case for the latter, here. As Indians, we have […]

Thursday June 20, 2013 21:03

Ya Ya (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Ebenezer

Friendae podhum is decade-old Harris Jayaraj material – pointless friendship anthem with usual absurd lyrics. Thankfully, the other ode to friendship, Nothing wantu, by Steve Vatz makes up for the silly lyrics with a spunky and unconventional tune! Oru kannaadiya and Bhommi nalla are dull, predictable and lifeless, but Vijay’s Harris inspiration works quite well […]

Sachin-Jigar’s Issaq tera and Jheeni re are reminiscent of Pritam’s Jab We Met. They sound fantastic, nevertheless, thriving on excellent vocals by Mohit Chauhan (and Smita Jain for duet), and Rashid Khan and Prathibha, respectively! With Rahul Ram’s vocals, Sachin Gupta’s Bhole chale has Indian Ocean’s heady, free-flowing flavor. Sachin’s other song Aag ka dariya’s […]

Anjjan Meet Bros’ Robinhood has a rhyming and rhythmic hook that works even amidst that tried and tested South Indian style song. Of the 4 songs by Himesh, Chura ke lena is very 90s, but is actually a sweet tune. That 90s trick however doesn’t work for Tirat keri tu and Shabbir Ahmed only makes […]

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