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Lootera (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Posted by Karthik

Sawaar loon is unbearably sweet! Monali Thakur’s voice works big time, but the star here is Amit. He embellishes the tune with a lilting, old-world rhythm, gorgeously sweeping violins and a short, captivating vocal rhythm that he himself delivers just two times in the song! Amitabh Bhattacharya writes and sings Ankahee… and how! The pleasant tune and the serene music are fascinatingly apt for each other, with the violins making a superb mark even here. Shikayatein seems to have jumped straight from Amit and the director’s earlier film, Udaan, but the sheer magic of those harmonious chorus playing peekaboo with violin works damn well again, layered over Mohan Kannan’s pitch-perfect vocals. Zinda too seems like Udaan’s leftover, but that hardly takes anything away from the engaging song! Monta re has Amit recreating the Bengali ambiance in his own impeccable style, aided really well by Swanand Kirkire’s punchy vocals. And then, the finest track of the album – Manmarziyan! The tune is almost ethereal as it builds itself gradually, with Amit and Amitabh complementing Shilpa Rao beautifully in the vocals, amidst a lush santoor, guitar and violin melange! Trust Amit to spring back with a vengeance from his recent middling state!

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  • Chisel Bhatia

    Superb album! My fav is manmarziyan! has the heavenly feel….for me the best amit trivedi album since udaan!

  • Amit

    For me its Ankahee, gosh whats that piece in the beginning! Wish it had continued throughout with no percussion, though its quite mild. Superb all the way.

  • Dharmendra Rai

    Manmarziyan beginning and Amit Trivedi’s portions have a very strong Scarborough Fair feel.

  • Can’t wait for it to come on spotify or something similar.

    • Vishwastam Shukla

      Guys, do visit my blog for different take on MontaRe and Ambarsariya with comments from artists themselves. Appreciate you feedbacks and comments.

  • Baikunta Sahu

    Lootera music is Superb all the way Thank Amit Trivedi and Amitabh Bhattacharya for the sweet album 5/5 is my ratting *****

  • Anil Nair

    A beast …this guy…his music !!!! Lost for words !!! And I should not forget Amitabh …these .two Amit’s …!!

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  • The songs are now out on Saavn, and I am addicted to Ankahee. The Amit Trivedi we fell in love with is back!

  • Adithya Bourne

    is amit trivedi going to dominate indian music like rahman did in the 90s????i don’t know but he is slowly getting there….

    • Muralidhar

      Yes I wish He should…But we need to accept that AMIT doesnot have a big commercial superhit movie to his credit…..but its good to see more work from AMIT Trivedi ..previoulsy we used to see for every big movie comes with PRITAM name and now amit…. good…!!!!!

    • Difference is that Rahman tried many ways and explored it. Amit is still in back . he needs to choose projects which is challenging and fruitful, rather than than composing the same genre of music.

      • nash

        yes you are correct ,,rahman always experiment each songs ,then others follows him ,,in that manner we cant compare rahman with any other music composer ..because sometimes experiments doesn’t work on particular song but same that experiments always works for some one else…his brave attempt always should be appreciated..

      • Adithya Bourne

        yeh that’s what i said,he is not yet there with rahman but i feel he is defintely trying to come out of his comfort zone….let’s face it,if there is any composer(at present moment) who can achieve 50% of what rahman has achieved it is amit….

  • rahul

    Manjaa and subharam from Kai po Che were also amongst his best work
    And navrai from English vinglish
    He’s just a genius in the making !!

    • Anil Nair

      I think he has proven his genius with his first couple of albums itself ..Dev D and Aamir. He is a genius already …look at how prolific he has been over the years …..

  • Firaaq

    Amit Trivedi surpasses each of his contemporaries including his senior, Rahman. Period! This album has been an overwhelming experience for me. Goosebump inducing and on loop since 3 days, every song grows on you gradually. We music lovers can’t thank you enough, AT. More power to you….

  • Manu Vyas

    Made my heart bleed…Its too much for a coincident…. :((

  • To be honest, I have never impressed much with Amit Trivedi’s songs. His songs are critically acclaimed, even though commercially dont reach the top level. Wait he needs more time to compare with Rahman. May be he is not in good form. Remember Form is temporary, Class is Permanent. Amit Trivedi needs to learn more …. His songs reflecets contemporary. Create a new trend in music

  • Anon

    The tune of “Sawaar Loon” sounds really familiar. Could it perhaps be “inspired” by an older song?

  • Jithin Matthew

    Manmarziya is awesme.has a simon and garfunkel charm to it.

  • jay

    Average music…. Amit Trivedi is seemed to be over-hyped every time he gives music for any movie.

    and maybe by criticizing A.R.Rahman pt.II I mite start a flame war here… but meh… its been done already…

  • satwik krishna

    The beginning of Ankahee reminded me of Meherbaan from Ada for some reason…Manmarzian/Sawar Loon best tracks for me πŸ™‚ great soundtrack

    • rnjbond

      You’re not the only one. Definitely reminded me of Meherbaan (another great track)

  • Jaydeep

    AT is indeed back in form. An album that can be played on repeat without touching FF button. Enough said.

  • varma indukuri

    Apart from “One day” inspiration, the tune of the male voice and
    progression of the instrumentals – especially the guitar riffs seem to be heavily
    inspired by the iconic songο»Ώ by Led Zeppelin – “Stairway To Heaven”

  • Miss Mithai

    Check out my lootera music review:

    Just started a new blog would appreciate it

  • Infogal

    Just perfect..

  • Noushad

    Just one word is justice enough for the album – Manmarziyan

  • Kunal Mehta

    Songs of lootera is average but i personally like the song ankahee and also you can find all latest bollywood songs lyrics on this link:

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