Tuesday April 16, 2013

Puthiya Thiruppangal (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

Posted by Karthik

Vaada vaada is loud and raucous in an enjoyable way; rhythmic and superbly sung by Rahul Nambiar. Iru idhayam sernthu is that melody that the composer is known really well for – brilliantly orchestrated with a lilting sound and really well sung by Karthik. Oru thuli is yet another example where Vidyasagar proves credentials with a carnatic-tinged Raja style melody. In Yaar indha kulathinil, Andrea seems to be trying a different pitch – the result is middling, but the breezy Western pop sound works in the composer’s favour. It’s utterly baffling why Vidyasagar is not in mainstream circulation these days!

Keywords: Vidyasagar, Puthiya Thiruppanagal, Pudhiya Thiruppangal



  • rajev

    Iru idhayam serndhu sound like kanden kanden song from pirivom sandhipom.

    • Thiru Vetti


  • Decent composers like Vidyasagar/Bharadwaj have been sidelined now, pretty sad. New talent must come in but there can be a balance. Many directors cling on to the same composers (which I feel) shows they are scared to try something new, especially when there is so much new talent like K, Ghibran, Girrish, Santhosh Narayanan.

  • Sambhu Mahendran

    Yaar Intha = Justin Timberlake’s Like I Love you.

  • Thiru Vetti

    Its baffling because people have lost taste in listening to good melody songs.

    Too much techno or electronic sounds have sort of rewritten our ears in such a way that pure melodies or classical fusion songs of Vidyasagar sound ordinary to many!

    Vidyasagar will always remain the Melody heir of Ilayaraja.

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