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Na.Muthukumar’s beautiful lyrics adorn the gorgeous melody in Aananda yaazhai, sung fabulously by Sriram Parthasarathy. Yuvan’s work in the interludes is almost Raja’esque – brilliant! Along with the director’s annoying Tamil pronunciation in the prelude, Nadhi vellam‘s backgrounds and interludes sound better than the morose tune. Alphonse’s odd vocal contortions overshadow the Yaarukkum’s short tune. […]

Apache Indian may be singing Run Run, but Devi’s tune is no different from the one he usually reserves for say, Baba Sehgal – passably catchy. The DSP mix version is no better. Mano aces the carnatic-spoof in Shankarabharanamtho, even as the tune traverses multiple genres in the interludes. For something called Violin Song, the […]

Tuesday April 30, 2013 21:16

Thadaka (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Gana gana gets its hook perfectly right – addictively catchy, with interesting arrangements too! Thaman’s backgrounds and silky smooth tune in Mara O mara is fantastic – Suchith and Manasi’s vocals deliver the right feel in this melody. Subhanallah‘s faux-Punjabi style barely works, despite spirited singing Karthik and Priya Hemesh. But Neeti Mohan gets things […]

Badtameez dil is heady and addictive; Benny rocks with his vocals! Balam pichkari too… foot-tapping holi song with superb singing by Vishal and Shalmali. Ilahi’s guitar-driven sound and children’s chorus is endearing; so are the two versions by Arijit and Mohit, but the tune is oddly unmoving. Ditto with Kabira; two versions and four singers, […]

Tippu powers Take It Easy, a dancy track in his usual style; Shaan puts together an easy-on-the-ear package. Tippu and Vineeth Srinivasan are great together in the wonderfully rhythmic gaana-type song Sorry Please Thank You! Nalla nalla works up a charming retro-style tune with lovely use of violins and harmonium, while Shaan confidently croons Kanasige, […]

Talia Bentson’s tantalizing vocals kick-start the heady Slowly slowly, while Jigar takes highly addictive ode to the good, dancy night to new heights! The anti-Monday anthem, Khoon choos le ups the ante further – a thoroughly enjoyable and wacky track with the occasional sitar and hilarious lyrics. Babaji ki booti, a trippy, smoked-out track has […]

The techno-Bhojpuri sound of Baby Doll works fairly well, keeping things adequately throbbing. Vishal delivers the bouncy Pehn di takki in a strangely subdued manner – predictable, but catchy. Shekhar’s Mann baavra starts off well enough, but oddly meanders into an odd, off-key interlude and medley like assortment. We Are Like This Only is foot-tapping […]

Saturday April 20, 2013 22:45

The 10 worst songs of A R Rahman!

You may wonder – why pick on bad songs and make a list out of it? No, sorry – I don’t derive happiness in picking bad songs from any composer, but Rahman is a composer that I started following, adoring and loving when I was in the prime of my life… early 20s. I was […]

Wednesday April 17, 2013 21:12

Flutetronics (Music review), Pop – Naveen Kumar

Longing features thankfully minimal and accented vocals Naveen’s 15 year old son, Jean Naveen. What stays is Naveen’s spellbinding flute and Sree Sunderkumar’s kanjira, ensconced in fantastic production by Karsh Kale. Karsh’s second track – Space Out – opens with Jonita Gandhi’s vocals and builds on a hauntingly rhythmic tune. Levon Ichkhanian’s guitar plays peekaboo, […]

Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics prop Bachchan well, much like Sukhwinder’s spirited singing, though it’s all for a tad simplistic tune. Akkad bakkad is more like Amit, though – beautifully sung by Mohit Chauhan; but, a bit too familiar within Amit’s repertoire. But he makes up for that with two dramatically divergent versions of Murabba – the […]

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