Friday March 8, 2013

Rendavadhu Padam (Music review), Tamil – Kannan

Posted by Karthik

Adutha paruppu is kuthu banter in line with the film’s heavy-duty lampoonery. Vijay Prakash, Velmurugan and Mukesh seem to be having solid fun singing it! The parody tone is intact in Kuppai thotti, a so-called romantic duet with mighty interesting lyrics by Karky and a tune that occasionally hints at Shanmugapriya (and Chala Nattai, as per the composer). Aappu birthday is even more a parody pastiche that goes into an acid trip mid-way before getting to a rocking kuthu base! The soundtrack’s highlight is the Roja poo that has a more-than-obvious homage to Ilayaraja with the tune gleefully alternating between Hamsadhwani and Kalyani. Clever ribbing, this soundtrack!

Keywords: Rendavadhu Padam, CS Amudhan, Kannan



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