Wednesday February 13, 2013

Vathikuchi (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Posted by Karthik

Kuru kuru has a brilliant violin base that makes it seem so much like a song from composer K! But, as the song gathers steam, Ghibran leaves his stamp mighty well, particularly in the sprawling interludes and the unusual tunes changes in the anupallavi, helped generously by Sundar Narayana Rao’s fresh, confident vocals! Amma Wake Me Up is wonderfully playful, with a rather mysterious tune that seems to be using raaga Shivaranjani in a rather unusual way, complete with highly inventive interludes! Kanna kanna‘s seemingly Western classical base seems like a delightful harmonic minor scale use of Keeravani raaga, with Arivumathi’s lovely Tamil verses for perfect company; Ghibran’s orchestration is highly imaginative in this song! Sundar Narayana Rao once again surprises at how well he expresses the lyrics in the song, uniquely for the tune! Ari unnai too holds fabulous arrangements, with impactful lyrics by Yugabharathi and is impressively sung by Shabir. The theme music showcases Ghibran’s mastery over orchestral sounds, with its violins stealing the show and that pulse-pounding finale! It’s hard to believe that Vathikuchi is just Gibran’s second film. After an impressive debut like Vaagai Sooda Vaa, this is a fantastic sophomore effort from this talented composer!

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  • Excited to listen! Suggestions on where I can buy the songs?

  • Prasanna – saregama has uploaded the songs as a Jukebox

    Karthik – This deserved a 200 ..Didn’t it 🙂 ..Ghibran’s work is turning out to be quite exciting

    • milliblog

      Sigh… I contemplated a LOT between a 100 and a 200 for this. I might just make it so… need to think through 🙂

    • Thanks for the link Anil.

      What an album! This Ghibran really knows his stuff. Spectacular second innings! 200 plzz 🙂

    • Also available on iTunes, for those looking.

  • Guest

    Only 100 words for this album… and 300 words for Neethane En Pon VasanVasantham… I dont trust your reviews anymore.5

  • 200 so that you need not apologize to Ghibran after few weeks 🙂
    I hope he gets versatile movies to showcase his talent a la Amit Trivedi.

  • 100? disappointing… also karthik,is amma wake me up shivaranjani raga?

    • milliblog

      I find it similar to Vedan’s Enna Pannuva song (Kamma karayila summa naan irundha). No idea which raaga they belong to.

      • I too guessed it’s Shivaranjani. Doesn’t it resemble the Marina song from Marina?

  • Sandeep

    I find a lot of similarity between Kanna Kanna and Sara Sara song from Vagai Sooda Va. Overall a good album

  • 100 too 200,good on you karthik

  • Lakshmi

    wonderfull songs. Quite different. Enjoyed it.

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