Saturday January 19, 2013

Press Play (Music review), Indipop – Adnan Sami

Posted by Karthik

Ali Ali is a strong opener – a really well-sung, foot-tapping prayer of sorts! Roya and Main tere paas hun are trademark Adnan Sami – mesmerizing ballads, fabulously arranged. Mere baap ka kya jaata hai is Kabhi Nahi 2.0 – street-smart and immediately catchy, but Kudi tight is Punju template gone awry. Karun na yaad is a significantly modern in outlook but is a searing ghazal at heart, while Baba is a haunting ode that Adnan creates for this dad! The sax-tinged Dua de treads the conventional, with limited variation – bland pop sound. Immensely play-worthy, Adnan Sami’s Press Play!

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