Sunday January 13, 2013

Race 2 (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Posted by Karthik

Party On My Mind and Lat lag layee are mighty competent techno tracks that hit all the right buttons with the tune and the rhythm; the latter, in particular, is bloody addictive, thanks to the fabulous vocals by Benny Dayal and Shalmali Kholgade. Atif Aslam is dependably good in Be intehaan, though the tune is tad familiar and staid. Race’s title song hook gets a new version with ‘Judaai’ turning into ‘Rihaee’ in Allah duhai hai – pulsating listen, as usual. Race 2 sees composer Pritam deliver on the sequelโ€™s brief to the point โ€“ nothing really innovative, but thoroughly ear-friendly!

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  • Lat Lag Gayee has an insane addictive quality to it. Starts off as a very standard club tune, but that almost pathos-driven hook takes it to another level. Super song!

  • Dev Jyothichand

    Let’s hope it does not deliver on the first’s ones characteristic of being plagiarized heavily as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Did Bakri Aslam deliver the usual “baaaa?”

    • its haaaaaaaaaaan this tym…
      “be intehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…”
      throughly ear throbbing!!
      the reprise version by Rahul Vaidya is far better..

  • lat lag gaye is mashallah! wow song!!

  • nakhre

    lat lag gaye is definately the best song. so so good. rest of the songs are typical good songs but none of them are standouts.

  • Agreed. The reprise of Be Intehaan by Rahul Vaidya is much better than the original. That was what got me hooked onto the song instead of Atif’s version. Lat Lag Gayee is quite easily the best song of the album though. Shalmali sounds great but in all the songs she has sung since “Pareshaan” she sounds very different from how she sounded there.

    Hey Karthik, have you thought about reviewing Table No 21’s music. A couple of songs by Gajendra Verma were pretty nice.

  • pratik

    please review “myoho” & “Bandook” . these soundtracks are pretty decent

  • Dev

    why was malayalam diamond necklace music or movie not reviewed

  • Strange the melodious music of Rajdhani Express has been given a complete miss by the blogger.

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