Sunday December 23, 2012

Infinite Love (Music review), Non-film – A R Rahman

Posted by Karthik

How would you react if a man wearing a black robe with hood and just a hole in the place of face (with light streaming through the hole!) came to you and gave you a curious looking box? I’d personally freak out and swat that creature with anything that is handy.

But kids in Rahman’s new single, ‘Infinite Love’ seem much more bolder and graciously accept what this creature gives them.

The song’s video has almost a template full of so-called global, heart-warming moments. The problem is that it tries too hard and too obviously.

It’s a shame actually since the song itself is rather nice and catchy. To be honest, the song’s tune too follows a simple template of hooks and sedate backgrounds, but among other templatized global songs for peace, this one does sound pleasing. It is manufactured pop, no doubt, but one that pulls all the right strings by being inclusive. And personally, I found it significantly better than most other recent non-film works of Rahman. It gets its basics right with the target audience mapped out clearly.

If only the video was a bit more intelligent and coherent, it could have elevated the song┬ásignificantly. Also, if only Rahman’s shirt (shirt?) didn’t look almost like the puffy shirt that Seinfeld warned us about!





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