Tuesday December 18, 2012

Nayak (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Posted by Karthik

Laila O Laila takes its Pancham roots very seriously and impresses with bombastic rhythms and swaying tune. Kathi lanti pilla sees Thaman work his slow and rhythmic template to wonderful effect; excellently sung by Shefali Alvares and himself. Thaman also dares to remix Raja’s iconic Chiranjeevi  number Subhalekha rasukunna (Kondaveeti Donga); the remix works mainly because the source itself is brilliant. Oka choopukkae is Thaman’s self-recycle that barely works, but two ladies, Suchitra and Shreya Ghoshal superbly handle Nellorae and Hey Naayak respectively – both are adequately energetic to move Ram Charan’s and our feet. Solid masala soundtrack from Thaman!

Keywords: Ram Charan Teja, Nayak, Thaman



  • Amicuzzz

    Frontbencher friendly to the core…
    1)Subhalekha Rasukunna remix: Masterful n’ foot tapping with Shreya sounding real pitch perfect, unusual singer choice noted. Best part of the OST 😉
    2) Laila Laila made me remember Thaman’s Dookudu track ‘Povai povai’ n’ ‘Paisa paisa ‘ fm Guru at times, not a copy however..
    3) Hey Naayak is Kalasala clone, yet again..

  • Not even is a single song is catchy.My hopes gone in vain.Regarding Subhalekha rasukunna, i was with lot of expectations,but this is also a ‘-1’.
    Only the beats are good.Balu n chitra were the best.Selection of Shreya was good for this song.I like shreya ghoshal voice in other films but i donno they made her here to sing like this,it goes very fast Subhalekha Rasukunna kalalo yepudooooooooo, the ooooooo sounds irritates me.The male voice is worst.None of the songs are good.

  • Harinath Reddy

    Vinayak & Ram Charan (Sir)

    I am very Upset with Nayak audio.
    Only Subhelekha rasukunna song is good rest all are very bad.
    Suggessions :
    Vinayak sir should have choosen Manisharma or Ilayaraja.
    Selection of Lyrics is Bad
    Selection of Singers is Bad.
    All over Audio is Very Bad compared to Ramcharan’a previous
    Sorry to give such a Negative feedback. I hope on screen it should do well.

    Thanks & Regards
    Harinath Reddy

  • Viswanadh

    Songs are not good at all, Mani sharma can compose better songs than these even in his sleep. Thaman ruined the classic song ‘Subhalekha rasukunna’.. it’s so fast, and irritating like the other person said. I can’t believe Shreya Ghosal sung that song.. Last time I hated her voice was for one of the rain songs in film ‘Anand’

  • chennu

    Nayak Songs are Rocking..Songs are mixed with rock/pop/mass/class total pack for kind of music…Thaman You have given Rocking music..

  • meenan

    You people utterly spoiled Subhalekha song. Please come out of the box…

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