Friday December 14, 2012

Kadal (Music review), Tamil – A R Rahman

Posted by Karthik

Chithirai nila is a serene opening, powered by wonderfully hopeful lyrics by Vairamuthu, adorned with imaginative background changes and ending on an anthemic high! Sid Sriram powers Adiye with supreme confidence – of course, the song itself is perhaps the first ever old school Gospel style in Tamil and it blends brilliantly with Karky’s lyrics. Vairamuthu’s words are achingly beautiful in Moongil thottam, as the superbly harmonious tune is handled amazingly well by Harini and in particular, Abhay Jodhpurkar. Add Sekar’s cello, Keba Jeremiah and George Doering guitars amidst the sweeping backgrounds… the song is pure magic! The ebullient Elay keechan is like that love child of Mustafa and Rasathi – an addictive combination of reggae’ish base, fantastic choral harmony, and a tinge of Country music. Keba Jeremiah opens the CD version of the mesmerizing tune of Nenjukkule, while Ann-Marie Simpson helps ably with her violin. Shaktisree Gopalan is outstanding as she delivers a knock-out performance with her expressive vocals. Rahman uses the Chennai Chorale to mighty good effect for the hymnal sound Anbin vaasale seeks, while Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam delivers a hyper-energetic, reimagined redux of Yuva’s Dol dol in Magudi. Kadal’s soundtrack is a veritable world music feast in Tamil!

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  • Maniratnam+Rahman=Magic!!

  • “World Music” perfect word to describe this beautifull soundtrack.

  • Joe

    This soundtrack is a veritable ‘out of the world’ music feast!!! Sheer magic.

    Dil Gira Dafatan, Aaromale, Phir Se Udd Chala and now Adiye – Reasons why ARR still stands head and shoulder above anyone else even today!!! WATHA What a song!!!

    “Kannale Kannadi senju en Achatha Kaaturiye” – Karky *Applause*

  • Umesh

    Awesome album ! Chithirai Nela is bliss !

  • wow wow…. gr8 album ! seems ARR working hard to retrieve his magic 🙂 first rockstar now kadal .

    only Rs.84 lets buy it..

    • Amicuzzz

      True….Itz a must must buy 😉

    • Surender

      pls let me know the site where it says 84 coz it is 149 here…

      • kaushik


      • kaushik

        Rs 80 in itunes,

  • Vijay sounds exactly like KJY in Chithirai Nela….awsm album…

  • Amicuzzz

    Mission Accomplished n’ HOW!!
    Waitin’ was hard but what a dividend 😉 Instant 9/10 album
    Setting up a high note with the fresh line up of singers, novel instrumentation n’ symphony with blissful lyrics , I could visualize the musical life in Mani sir’s coastal hamlet..Easily the best OST of 2012. Now the copycats n’ recyclers may wonder how cats can still be pulled out of the hat 😉
    # Chitirai nilavu puts me in rewind mode…Rahman of the gud ol’ 90’s, so damn soothin yet still the same class !! Vijay shines with the emotion in his voice.
    # Moongil thottam made me the lover boy teenager of yore…Magical wud be an understatement …Truly, ithu podhum enakku 😉
    # Anbin vaasal as pointed out by Karthik sees yet again the masterful use of chorus (scores big time) by ARR…so angelic but unlike a previous devotional ‘Anbendra Mazhayile’ has more power..
    # Magudi is powerpacked , would be an understatement n’ is catchy to the core, maybe we’l get to see Gautham’s dancing skills put to test 😉
    # Adiye is unusual to Tamil film music with perfect rendering from Sid…

    Saving the best for the last …..

    • I Know what you did there…. Ithu Podhum Enakku! That simply sums up the whole album. No wonder Mani Ratnam just brings the best out of A.R.Rahman.

  • Oh God! Oh God! I just cant believe i’m listening to Adiye… ! It had to be someone like A.R.Rahman who can do something like this. Easily one of the best songs of the album. I can hardly imagine how he came up with such a glorious arrangement. Now I can play this song alongside Roberta Flack and Fugees version of Killing Me Softly!

  • Freak Dude

    I humbly submit that a new category the #250 be created for this album … 😛

  • jeanjohny

    Karthik, I’m sure there will be an apology from your end and would give this album a 300! 🙂

  • Jagan

    I listened Kadal songs today, but as a true AR’s fan, I must say that I am very much disappointed and it does not look like kadal songs are composed by AR himself. As a good virtual friend! of AR, I would suggest AR that pls. focus your music based on ragam especially in Tamil songs, do not go based on present trend, always tami peoplel will appreciate good songs, there is no trend in music, always good songs will get standing ovation like your earlier songs. I hope AR remembered that in one of the TV programme, AR had been asked or suggested to do songs based on raga by Nithyashree, I expect some AR’s magic like his old melodies or fast numbers in coming films. Good Luck!

    • wht da crap….dnt tage urself arr fan…..ur dont have any good music sense….already this album is a hit and classy…..masterpiece…u will change ur idiotic openion

    • Amicuzzz

      For a film sound track, songs should be part of the narrative and blend with the theme of the fim..The MD is under constant pressure to deliver under these parameters..Listeners expect innovation…Music making is changing wrt technology..
      , no two ways but to salute ARR and the whole team for coming up with this gem…No point in ‘pointless’ criticsm

    • Plzzzz. I think you got addicted to sounds from few music directors.. Kadal is for music lover.. Not for sound lovers…

  • 4 songs (Moongil Thottam, Chithirai Nela, Nenjukule & Elay Keecha) are instant hits. The rest are going to need 100+ listens to register.

  • In One Word : PRISTINE!, In A Line : Ithu Pothum Enakku!.

    Kadal is after all an album which drowns you completely. The 90s A.R.Rahman is finally back… in Chithirai Nela.

    Yesudas Sr. sang Cihtirai Nilavu in the 90s for ARR and now Yesudas Jr sings Chithirai Nela. His rendition evokes the days of his dad. ARRs arrangement is completely stunning: From a serene start to a powerful bridge in the middle. Even i felt ‘Ithu Pothum Enakku”. One should also give attention to the lyrics which makes the song special even more. Naalaiyai thiranthal, Nambikkai Sirikkum – Everyday blossoms up with a new hope.

    Next up Adiye…. The gospel infusion and the piano notes kick start with the soulful voice of Sid Sriram. When people complain its a lift it doesn’t make sense. This is one of the universal arrangement of an gospel. If i’m not mistaken the sitcoms, hollywood movies especially “The Help” have songs similar to this. Its a powerful way of connecting people to the words of the lord. ARR does it here so brilliantly that you feel thankful to him for opening your eyes to such a lovely ballad. Sid Sriram has done a commendable job, no words can justify his rendition. Lyrics wise, “Kannala Kannadi Seju En Achatha Kaaturiye” – Thumps Up. Again if you’re a fan of the Fugees or Roberta Flacks song ‘Killing Me Softly With His Song’ – Well this is the song that fits the bill perfectly.

    Moongil Thottam is my pick of the album. The one line that makes it so mellifluous – ‘Ithu Pothum Enakku’. But greed conquers the very line when the honey-coated vocals of Harini rises from the minimalistic arrangement of ARR. ARRs choice of bringing Harini is worth at least a million dollars as she brings the song to new heights. Yet again some superb lyrics but i can hardly get beyond the line : Ithu Pothum Enakku. The last portion where the lead singers sing it in separate synchronization is too good.

    When a Music Director knows he can sing, a question that haunts him is will the selected singer do justice for his composition. This uncertainty renders him from making a gem out of a song. But he stands firm by giving his best shot. When Elay Keechan starts you know that the composer knows no one will do justice for a song than himself. And he delivers an amazing rendition that aptly suits the song. The catchy chorus with the native words makes me think this is a huge team-work. Ideas need to be exchanged in a well coordinated manner to produce such a result.

    The Christmas season is upon us and “Anbin Vaasale” is going to be the theme of the month with radio stations bringing life to their on-the-air work. Haricharan opens his account with ARR, with a powerful ballad. The song is very complex and Haricharan has done an excellant job with his rendition. The chorus just heightens the divinity in the song which is topped by the sounds of the bells. Ho Ho Ho… A Jolly-Good ride for the mind soul and body.

    Simply stunning work by ARR-Mani Ratnam-Vairamuthu team. The stars need to be in align for miracles to happen. “Ithu Pothum Enakku, Ithu Pothume”

  • Kumar

    nothing great. It gives me a feel of listening to MTV, channel V and other music channels in a series. Where is the nativity? I’m sure it will be appealing to the urban A class but not the rest. 2 songs are good listen but the music wont be fitting the movie. It reminds me the sound track of couples retreat, the English romantic comedy.

  • adiye – copy of au di by ali farka – that no one would mention?

    • milliblog

      You mean Ai Du (not Au Di that makes it phonetically seem like Adiye!) by Ali Farka Toure? It’s one of my personal faves and I don’t see anything common between the two except the sweeping singing style. The genres too are completely different!

      Here is Ai Du, for reference:

  • Raju

    Heard the Album Kadal yesterday, here are my randam views about the album;
    The album has 7 songs. Apart from all the experiments with genres, one thing that I found unique in the album was the use of multiple layers of chorus that becomes the main BGM for these songs.
    1. Chithirai Nela: When you hear a baby crying and Vijay Yesudas soothingly begins the song,you think this might be a “Thalalatu Song” but it is a motivational song that lifts your spirit.
    2. Adiye: Millions of “Love at first sight” songs have been composed, what is there different in this one. Have you ever thought how a Blues song with Jazz backing vocals will sound in Tamil that too for a love song? Experience that feeling with this song.
    3. Moongil Thottam: This song is about fulfillment, about cherishing the moment of togetherness with your loved one. Close your eyes and hear this song you will see yourself in a boat traveling on a silent sea. You will cherish this song for a

    long time to come.
    4. Elay Keechaan: Once the humming begins, you know this is the trademark song for this entire album. And then the Mastero himself croons this one with a fisherman’s ease.
    5. Nenjukkule: After hearing this song, I felt only one thing, Rahman composed this song for Swarnalath. I mean she would have done more justice to this song than Shakthisree Gopalan.
    6. Anbin Vaasale: This song is about Christianity, I mean praising the Lord. There is a patriotic vibe to this song that will make you to stand up and sing along.
    7. Magudi Magudi: This rap song seems to be composed for smuggling sequence in the film. I do not know where else this will fit in this rooted album composed for the people living near seashore.
    People call Rahman by different names, I like to call him a Rebel. This album is a sample of proof, why you can call him like that.

  • Just three words sums up the album …Ithu Pothum Enakku …Now go on fill my soul for the next few months …Thanks Rahman

  • Kiran Kumar Bandiatmakur

    Adiye’s background score sounds similar to “trouble with love” by kelly clarkson

  • RAja

    Mokka song’s not like rehman music.. probably the shit GV might have composed it seems..

  • RAja

    Lot of ARR master piece r there compared to that this film songs r waste ..
    Dont waste ur time on hearing this music album

  • Nice songs though…. Adiye sounds to me similar to a song composed by Imman for a crap movie some time back….Instantly I got this thought… May be since am not a great patron of world music I may be wrong too… but the resemblance is there for sure… pretty strong resemblance….( By the way the movie name is odi polama composed by Imman and the song is “Ragalakkara maman” sung by Imman himself)

  • Jai Ganesh

    His movie is a real entertainer. This movie comes from Mani Ratnam family David – Treat to loves

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