Sunday December 9, 2012

Ko Antey Koti (Music review), Telugu – Shakthikanth Karthik

Posted by Karthik

The title song is a raucous affair, thanks to Suraj Jagan. Naresh Iyer rules over O Madhurimave, ably carrying the whispery ballad supported by the composer’s remarkable tune! Bangaru konda is pleasant, with the mridangam-violin base, but as a tune, sounds clichéd, even as Harini infuses life into it with her vocals. Aagipo sounds almost like a Mickey J Meyer song, while Varaala vaana reminds one of Yuvan’s sound – but both are wonderfully put-together and highly listenable. The composer sings Deham daaham and pulls off the rock-styled track well! Ko Antey Koti’s soundtrack sees a confident debut by Shaktikanth Karthik!

Keywords: Ko Antey Koti, Shakthikanth Karthik

PS: The makers of this film have made the entire soundtrack available for free in the film’s website, in WAV and Mp3 formats!



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