Monday October 29, 2012

Khiladi 786 (Music review), Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya

Posted by Karthik

Lonely in insanely… insane; an atrocious hodge-podge of assorted genres, topped by Himesh’s ‘lonely lonely’ nose. Balma attempts aping Pancham, with middling results, thanks solely to Shreya. Long drive‘s hiphop Punju sound is appealing, courtesy Mika’s vocals, while, barring Himesh’s horrendous singing, Sari sari raat‘s melody is actually endearing! Hookah bar is terrible techno, even as the title song is trite Himesh template – overdone around one repetitive hook. Tu hoor pari‘s tuneful, folksy and enjoyable Punjabi sound is accentuated by the fact Himesh doesn’t sing in it. But for Himesh’s continued insistence on singing, Khiladi 786 is sporadically tolerable.

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  • again pathetic review by pathetic guy….keep licking feet of amit trivedi n ar rahman only

  • mark my words, it will be biggest hit album of the year….for god sake stop giving ur pathetic review to himesh’s album when u r a himesh hater……..we cnt expect anything frm half bald chutiya like u

    • Dpride

      You must be one of the Rickshaw-driving diehard fans of HR.

      • u idiot i m currently a MBA IT student n i did computer engineering n making software for many companies not a cheap A**hole son of rickshaw- driver like u lol πŸ˜€ so just get lost u 2 rs people…..

        • Dpride

          Haha, oh, ok. Judging by your manners, your taste in music, and your command of the language you’re trying to write in, you haven’t even hit puberty yet. At very most you are 13 years old. Could be less, but no more than that. Try getting a MBA in rickshaw-driving when you grow up. You show real promise.

          • ohhhhhhhh really :D…just dnt care wtever i m…u started insulting me 1st i didnt…dnt care abt my music taste or wtever, mind ur own business man….

          • Dpride

            I didn’t call your comments “mindless”. It’s true, they are, but I said no such thing. It must be voices in your head telling you that. And if you don’t want me to be responding to your comments, then why the hell would you post ’em online? This is the internet. Unless your daddy buys it for you, you can’t tell me shit.

          • if u dnt like my comments ignore them man…u dnt need to argue wid me….i m posting comments regarding album n for reviewer of album but u started insulting personally…its nt gud okay…

        • Raj Sharmaaaa

          Seriously…what is an MBA IT student dumbo… what still could not complete IT and then joined MBA :=))).

          Now don’t start barking like a dog…BTW what software did u write for many companies….i seriously doubt. The only software u ever wrote might have been a website with your licking HR’s ass :-)…..

          Now i am ready…Keep the dog wordss…coming…..

      • go n ask ur dad hw is he managing u by driving rickshaw u 3rd grade 2 Rs moron… πŸ˜€

  • again Himesh spoils some good to average tunes with his nasal singing…infact his new protege Aman Trikha also has an irritating voice.. Hope Himesh steals atleast lesser popular dance song beats n hooks for his songs.

    • bro. Aman Trikha is a best singer of musical reality Show Sur Kshetra….he has very powerful voice n he is a versatile too, he is a favt of every legendary judges of Sur Kshetra…btw dis album is very gud but i cnt change ur taste of music…. :).

      • Raj Sharmaaaa

        Oh My god. Raj sharma… seriously go do some work

  • jamea

    u r ryt smwht

    dis guy is having personal problem wid himesh
    he gave good review to luv shuv chiken khurana

    bro go n have taste of music
    most importntly take a break

    • he gave 200 words review for album like aiyya…nw wt more i cn say ?
      n he bashed Himesh’s album son of sardar., bol bachchan n OMG…son of sardar almost all promoted songs r chartbusters n even OMG , Bol bachchan too….i dnt think any1 ever listened songs of engllish vinglish, aiyya n luv shuv chijkhen khurana….Bichdan is one of da best song came dis year composed by himesh…..dis guy can never improve simply he shud stop giving review for himesh’s album…

      • he didnt bash OMG, BB or SOS.. and come on guys, its just a music review blog by a guy.. not any filmfare magazine or something.. and why us, fans are always being restless when he writes review for HR albums? What do you expect for Khiladi? a #200??

  • jamea

    n dis milliblog gives music review for d instruments n its arrangements n not to d song.
    bro y dun u listen to d instruments songs.

    m reading his music reviews since a lomg time n m disappointed every times
    take it talash or luv shuv or any new or old album dis guy is giving useless revews everytime.

    trust me khiladi 786 is one of d finest album of d year.
    want to say loads of things but for nw its enough.

    bro go n get training frm joginder tuteja, dashrath frm dunkdaft or harshit from happysing.

    * d last comment is mine which incorrecly posted as jamea.

    m Alpesh joshi

    • Joginder Tuteja…Oh Lol…Man you are really on some planet

  • jamea

    he is paid reviewr of amit
    n trust me he has bad chice of music people should stop nw to read his reviews.

    • i never read his reviews even i dnt want pay heed to such idiot….

  • huzefa jairajpuri

    Sari sari raat’s music is so engaging. Wish H-R had not sung tht. Even javed ali sounds pretty much lyk himesh considering singing style. I wonder HOW the production team,directors or the actor let him sing..

    • Himesh is one of the producers, and he has also written the story of the movie

  • anooj kapoor

    this review is bullS*** this guy doesent have knowledge of music and it feels like he has a personal problem with HR …. i can tell that this guy is jealous of HR success and s***big time !!! HE IS A LOSER with no sense of music

  • go to hell MR.karthik ….. every one is loving da songs of Khiladi 786 ………. take a look on my Review BC..its mega hit album of da year a complete melody,awsome compositions and good singing.a treat to ears,my ratings 4.5/5*

  • Khiladi is the best album of this year


  • Sirishm

    Frequent visitor to ur site. Never commented on any. But seeing all the negative reviews for this album I forced myself to drop in a line or two. I can safely say that you’ve managed to get a barrage of either Himesh music fanatics or Akshay fans to your site :):). And to all the blind supporters of Himesh’s music, there’s a reason Karthik writes good about Amit or ARR or VS or SEL or Illayaraja. They actually make music unlike Himesh who makes an annoying overstretched nasal ringtone and calls it a song and you guys make it a blockbuster song. Peace !

    • Dpride

      Agreed. Himesh has basically lost it. The dreams of being an actor has gone to his head.

    • a big LOL dat Himesh music has no quality dats y his every album is hit or superhit…thank god atleast he is nt composing foolish albums like aiyya, english vinglish or luv shuv chicken khurana……he composed the great melodies like bichdan , naina re , Go go Govinda etc. dis year….

      • Sirishm

        Go Go Govinda a great melody ?? I rest my case…

        • himesh is a singer who can sing in many octaves nt only nasal twang…try to listen his albums radio, damadamm, kajraare,namastey london ,aapka surror etc. then u will realise the truth…..

          • Sirishm

            did u just say many Octaves ??? each his own buddy.

          • 1st listen his songs of my above mentioned albums then argue wid me n prove me wrong πŸ™‚

    • I dont think Himesh makes junk. He makes some peppy tunes also, and the movies for which he composes, are not like the ones like English Vinglish and all.. Mostly they are commercial masala entertainers(?) and he composes tunes accordingly.. but whenever he gets a chance to compose soulful tunes, he has done well.. listen to Damadamm, Radio, Namastey London etc…

    • amit

      Sirishm i think your knowledge of music is zero.
      himesh is in the industry from the age of 16 years .
      so he knows better than u and he knows what is a song or not
      so its better that u should not comment on himesh music or singing .

  • varmak


  • Vidya Ranganathan

    The comments here are hilarious!!Why do people get worked up over a review and are hell bent on supporting a music composer? Music is a personal thing.
    Most of the time I do not agree with his review but then I do not take it personal, it is his own analysis.It is Karthik’s Blog and he has every right to criticize a song/composer. if you like Himesh’s song’s, discard the review, go ahead and buy Khiladi 786 CD!!

    • Sourabh

      ok than i have right to criticize your comment no one can stop me so you just listen hr and then speak

  • chijju

    no fucking albums can beat barfi n cocktail. enough said.these albums are temporary hits. only for a month.this is easily pritams year. no doubt at quality in himesh sngs. very bad.

    • Sourabh

      We people are happy with mai jahaan rahoo, bichdan, teri meri, naina re, and now sari sari raat…. for you kind information pritam also remains for a few time but these hr songs lasts forever….

    • oh so u r a copycat Pritam fan dats y so much barking here against himesh πŸ˜€

      • chijju

        hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha think first who started barking. n pritam left copying. u are still in first class.we are all quality ppl. we dnt hear beggar songs lik u. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      • chijju

        hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha himesh will never ever compose quality sngs in his life. mark my words.sajid wajid n himesh are I think brothers. that’s why both of them give same kind of beggar songs. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        • i already replied u na u r nt worth my abusing…so i dnt want waste my tym…so get lost // i dnt pay heed to moron like u

        • HASSAN ALI

          himmesh s also a copy cat composer i had a lot of respect for him but wen i heard da song o priya oh priya it was totally a copy crap…n den teri meri copied from 4 years gal cleo patra songs now hooka bar hooking line ohh ohhh ohhh copied from english singer search in google u will get only one man rules world music dat s one n only AR RAHMAN

      • chijju

        all are jealous of pritam cous all top directors n producers are taking him. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. himesh is so low class.

      • thats why every big production house (YRF, Dharma etc) want to Pritam music for they r films, do you know himesh begging films from actors, and directors. he got 2 or 3 films only for sir ajay devgan request.

        • oh really man…but he doesnt need big banners to give chartbuster songs btw he has his own production house n Music label HR Music Limited n he is working wid top actors like salman, Ajay, Akshay, sanjay Dutt etc…….Pritam never composed for dharma production….chk ur knowledge man……i never beg for films frm actors or producers….

        • HASSAN ALI

          pritam is born thief now he s getting more films n also paying fine for many copied song for which da original composewr r suing him…he got fimfare for copycat work now we will c more copycats work by dis little thief….

          • nakhre

            copycat work? What song was copied in Barfi? Enlighten us oh wise one.

          • HASSAN ALI

            oh banke chore kabhi mere gali aya karo(itni si hasi itni si kushi) i am happy dat dere s sum one who is in lov wid dis bunty chorr of dis bollywood sala chorr … much busy in copying ki he dont get time for a beard n hair cut!!

          • nakhre

            and you fail to answer my question. and you’re a chor yourself man, i mean, you stole all the stupidity in the world and kept it all for yourself.

  • Sourabh

    I think Mr. Karthik has either bad taste of music or dont have knowledge
    of music so sir please… leave this job and write about bhojpuri films
    get knowledge and then try your hands on bollywood music…….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • amit

    plz mr karthik enough is enough now we all understand now that knowledge of music is big ZERO .

  • Abhinendra Singh

    Perfect review I must say. Something has gone completely wrong with Himesh. he is the same guy, who composed for Tere Naam and Namastey London, Radio, Termi-meri in Bodyguard (tune was copied thoguh)…. He is lost somewhere… No doubt this album gonna be hit, all credits to the public who like this genre… Deep down, Himesh is lost in short time fame and not interested in creating an awesome music, which he is capable of….

  • ha ha love the comments here

  • chijju

    so many pritam songs still plays on tv channels. they are all unforgettable.these masala sngs are completely useless. bollywood has lost it.Hollywood will be laughing at our movies n songs.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. fukc himeshs

  • chijju

    @dpride absolutely right. all himesh fans are low class ppl as his 3rd class songs.all fans are riksha fellows.amit trivedi,Rahman,pritam n vishal-shekar fans are high class ppl.himesh fans are so so funny. karthiks review is always right. keep it up bro. these himesh fans will keep on trolling u. dnt care buddy

    • sorry shaktiman for being a himesh fan..

    • its a ur misconception Pritam’s Fanatic….u r nt worth my abusing…so get lost

      • Raj Sharmaaaa

        Man someone give raj sharma a biscuit, 50% of the comments here are this idiot’s.

        @facebook-1266035598:disqus do you have any work, or will you spend the rest of your life fighting and abusing everyone who posts something -ve abt this album… Get a life. Peace…

  • chijju

    quality in songs is important. himesh has got nothing in his songs. worst

  • Rishone

    To all the HR fans, if you don’t like Karthik’s review, don’t read or don’t come here, its his personal blog, his personal view, don’t like it ? start your own blog and write the review there.

    Its a pathetic album, as always with HR, he has some good tunes but the arrangements makes it sound so old and boring. If he needs stop to singing and start working on his arrangements.

    • milliblog

      Actually, I have no issues with the opinions posted here. That is a healthy trend, as long as Himesh fans are able to articulate why this soundtrack is good and offer a counterpoint to my opinion. The only problem is mindless jingoism but that cannot be helped in a democratic set-up like the internet, anyway.

    • neither album is pathetic nor da arrangements…ur thinking is pathetic man…

      • U r pathetic Himesh Fan man

        • 1st see ur face u street dog…it looks like my ass..just get lost

          • by ur comment, i have huge doubt about ur born (is u r son of many father?, is u born in a dustbin?), where u got education (in a brothal?), if answer is yes of all my querys, then u can comment anything… shame

        • u r nt worth my abusing so just dnt show me ur shit face…

  • I hope that Himesh continues to produce music just for the sake of creating entertainment value on your blog :-). I assume you are following today’s twitter trend – maybe a reaction to your blog?

  • Ninad

    To all Himesh’s fan,
    I also liked Himesh’s work in Namastey London,Ahista Ahista,Radio n few other movies(i liked 2 songs from karzzz too) but i must say all his recent work has no match to what he has delivered in the past…..i agree that his recent tunes are still very catchy but no ones gonna remember them for years like tunes of Namastey London,Tere naam or ABA…his songs from Namastey London & Ahista Ahista are still in my cell’s playlist…While reviewing Karthik considers all the aspects of music…Himesh’s music might appeals the mass but that doesn’t make his tune melodious like his previous work…..on the other hand all other composers(even newcomers) are producing good music not just in terms of tunes but better arrangements & orchestration(which was once Himesh’s stronger side)…criticizing Amit Trivedi’s music wont change things….I believe among all the leading music directors Amit Trivedi is more creative & producing music of different genres….

    • netvinyas

      How many do you think remember Amit Trivedi’s songs?

      • Dev Jyothichand

        Uh, quite a few? Emosanal Attyachar is still quite popular, and the rest of his good music is also popular among a niche. Also, popularity alone isn’t equal to quality. If it were so, then Micheal Bay’s films would be the best films created, or Ra One one of the best Hindi film soundtracks. There is a difference between being popular and being good.
        Also Karthik, please tell me how VVVVVV’s music is? I have asked you this already.

        • Exactly. A few, among a niche. I was referring to your “no ones gonna remember them for years” part (It’s me only who commented above, sorry for using multiple IDs).

  • Sincere

    I think people are getting emotional.. this is a harsh review i agree.. but the truth is this album could have been much better if Himesh would have kept him self away from singing the songs.. Saari Saari Raat could have been a chart buster but it’s ruined due to Himesh..

  • Shah Shaheen

    Every composer is different in their perspectives. For me HImesh, stands one step ahead of Pritam. Because he never depends on others creations or copy the songs and tunes. I can say that HImesh’s profile is 90% pure and original . and can be include in list of composers like ARR, SEL, Amit Trivedi and Vishal – Shekhar. Certainly not with Pritam and Anu Malik. Some people may not like HImesh’s nose, but people like his heart and his commitment to work. He has the unique style of composing songs in desi style. i would like to call him as ‘King of Desi Hits’. the song ‘Lonely’ is a typical Himesh song. i am sure that it will reach everyone’s heart. Just listen to it 2 or three times, and you will start humming, and listen to ‘saari saari raat’. he sings songs with his heart. KING OF DESI HITS

    • nakhre

      why the hell do people throw in Anu Malik’s name everywhere? He isn’t nearly as much of a copycat, nor as blatant, as Nadeem Shravan or Anand-Milind. And all his GOOD songs are all original. Throwing his name around is getting extremely old and tiresome since he doesn’t even compose regularly anymore. And Pritam? The last time he copied a song was over 2 years ago. He doesn’t copy anymore. People need to seriously STFU and move the hell on.

  • I bet the album wouldn’t be half as entertaining as the time spent reading the comments below,Hilarious stuff .A word though ,i personally have never liked HR’s music,Save a couple of songs from Namaste London.Find it too bland for my taste.But seeing all the comments below i understand that even HR has a lot of passionate fans and great to see them defending his music so passionately.Music is highly individualistic in taste.So to each his own ,So lay off Karthick for not liking Khiladi 786.That’s his taste

  • Lonely is the worst song i ever listen, Long drive isn’t it sound like Love technology??, Khiladi bhaiyya sound like Omkara or dabang title song??

  • Rajat Shah

    Did you notice Sak Noel’s “Loca People” tune intermixed in the intro and all throughout “Balma”? I did! Rip Off…

  • Rajat Shah

    Sorry. I meant LFMAO’s “Sexy & I Know It”

  • Alen Joy

    hookah bar = turn up the music by chris brown

    balma = sorry for party rocking by lmfao

    and still you are saying himesh is something he is nothing but a music theif

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