Tuesday October 23, 2012

Routine Love Story (Music review), Telugu – Mickey J Meyer

Posted by Karthik

Naa manasupai sounds exactly like something Harris Jayaraj would compose in his sleep; entirely predictable and adequately soporific. Neethone unna is thankfully interesting, however – an odd, meditative 80s pop rhythm for a lovely tune and sung well by Mickey himself. A similar attempt in Vela talukutaarale falls flat with its archaic and drowsy sound. Yeppatikaina and Nee varasa neede are appropriately pleasant, within their conventional templates; Naresh Iyer’s soft vocals add value in the former. The theme music is utterly blah. As a soundtrack, Mickey delivers routine music for Routine Love Story! Besides routine, it also sounds strangely indifferent.

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  • Loved the songs Vela talukutaarale and Nee varasa neede. Hearing Mickey for the first time? Shall not agree on Naa manasupai though. anyways likes and dislikes are relative. Indeed fresh tunes

    • me

      You have to notice both are sung by our KARTHIK but given that ne varasa was sung by mickey

  • kashyap kothakothaga

    Nice review.I realised ,that I’m biased towards mickey.except in some parts,songs are pretty routine ,that too in mickeys zone with similar tunes and voice.
    One won’t forget happydays background score after watching the movie. but his lib score,though good in parts hugely failed to elevate vital scenes .infact for marocharitra,dil raju had removed the back ground score( after mickey composed) and assigned the job to thaman .
    It’s quite wierd that the composer reached saturation very early.

    • Uday K Panthagani

      I guess I have to agree with you. Mickey’s background score was only good in Happy Days and KBL. Rest all were blah!

      Coming to the songs, it is quite evident now what Mickey can and can’t do. I wonder if he’s ever going to go out of his standard templates. Just take Aunana Kaadana, Atu Itu Ooguthu and Nee Varasa Needhe. They all practically sound like alike with minor changes. And RLS lacks a unifying sound. The songs are all disconnected. But I did love the theme song. It sounded fresh. Just wished they made a full song out of it.

      • kashyap kothakothaga

        felt same towards theme…

      • J.Ruthwik Reddy

        If beats are same it does not mean they are repeated…..if you observe chini chini aasa,mustafa mustafa and nene nani ne has same beats…….yeah i agree they are seeming to e routine ut don’t strike him off early and mickey’s background music was great in leader it was the soul of the film.Lets wait for svsc till then let us hold our thoughts and if he repeats then i will also join you

  • Amicuzzz

    Spot onn n’ thnx!!
    Neethone unna is indeed a standout track.Vela talukutaarale was saved by Karthik n’ it was one song where I beg to differ. However, could not shake off the ‘heard before’ feeling. MJM did partially recreate the breezy romantic feel last heard in Leader and parts in LIB n’ I do like him for that
    .Felt MJM is goin’ the Harris Jayaraj route by trying to recycle previous tracks n’ sounding predictable.
    Waitin’ for ‘Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ for that elusive ‘new sound’ from MJM.Wud give 3/5…n’ wait 😉

  • Uday K Panthagani

    And btw, I’m loving it whenever MJM uses the violin in his songs. That little bit in Life is Beautiful title track and now the first interlude in Nee varasa neede…simply beautiful!

  • when you listen to harris,ilayaraja, rehman..you can simply say that the music is composed by them as it is the nature of every musician to repeat their music,instruments..same with mickey..

    mickey– defintiely welcome change in tfi..though i felt dja-vu, i `m just lsitening the songs from the mornign repetitvely..same with LIB.At the end , one can listen the clear telugu lyrics even amidst western sound and feel good listening the songs.

    Guys – grow up and encourage such talent , else you would end up thamans,mani`s copy songs in tfi

    • kashyap kothakothaga

      R u joking! mikki proved himself only in melody ,in other genres ,he is far below than any composer(barring one or two).how can you compare him with them ? ,theyy have proved themselves in every genre.
      harris started recycling only after 25 movies,rehmans repetation is very much low.but he has started repetation within very few movies.who cares ! about lyrics,if the music is not good.
      r u sure ,mickey hasn’t copied at all? .thaman and mani have lots of good works(without copying)

      • J.Ruthwik Reddy

        don’t compare him with thaman and mani they are not even worth mentioning and taking of harris he too copies not only from his works but also from others. A.R is a great composer but not harris. Mickey only provides what the director asks for, he did not get any movies which require other genre except ganesh in which he did well (lalla lai and rajakumari) He may have repeated a little but in the how song sounds is the only thing that matters and he manages that part very well.Don’t look for little bits and miss out some beautiful songs

        • Selva Kumar

          Come on u mean to say ARR haven’t copied or repeated his tunes like Harris, mani and thaman? That will be a most insane comment. There is no music composer who can compose songs without any influence from other works. What you and i need to understand is they don’t do it intentionally.

        • kashyap kothakothaga

          i wonder whether anyone in this world would like those songs.here you are!.

          i too love mickeys ‘haunting’ touch,but it doesn’t mean ,i have to like every work he makes. agreeing with u regarding lack of good oppurtunities.but non-melody songs he has composed till now are duds.

          “how song sounds is the only thing that matters” -if it is so ,listen to dsp’s(re-recycler) albums ,which always top the charts .freshness matters.

  • srinivas bolla

    routine stuff. meyer should venture out of his coccoon and learn new things. why singer karthik is not bored yet? :/

  • Awesome songs by mickey….though a bit similar to his old tunes they still don’t miss the mickey’s typical ‘haunt’ feel especially nee varasa neede, eppatikaina and neethone unna….way to go mickey…

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