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Eisalaamey eisalaam takes an outdated Middle Eastern approach. Mohit ‘Chawhan’-sung Agadam bagadam is no different – indifferent Hindi track with a mish-mash of sounds. Oru thuli vishamaai makes splendid use of Sharib’s vocal range and along with Shreya, builds itself with wonderfully inventive orchestration! Yaavum poithaanaa‘s Hindustani’sh sound is familiar but in Madushree’s vocals it […]

Monday October 8, 2012 21:02

Rush (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Chup chup ke could well be composed in Pritam’s sleep – wonderfully pleasant, but incredibly predictable… every part of the song! Mumkin nahin too is Pritam-sleep material – catchy melody with Tulsi Kumar’s awkward vocals layered over Anupam Amod’s impressive one! Fukraa and Hote hote‘s Punju-fused music is passably catchy, though nothing quite new. Adnan […]

Arare pasi manasa concocts a Nayagan-style Nila Adhu with accordion and guitar, while Sye andre naanu seems too techno for the kind of street-smart feel it attempts, though Shreya’s vocals are flawless. SPB’s epic title song is an expansive, musical story-telling by Mani Sharma! Spicy spicy girl‘s passable bounce is vintage Mani, as much as […]

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