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Wednesday October 31, 2012 20:59

Nandanam (Music review), Tamil – Gopi Sundar

There’s nothing significantly wrong with Muthal paarvaiyil except for the fact that it sounds just like better Harris Jeyaraj material – sufficiently peppy. Gopi himself sings Kaathal nadhikkarayoram, a short, poetic melody with lovely lyrical flow by Shyamalan. Yetho yetho has a really interesting genre-busting texture with intriguing orchestration, while Haricharan is his dependable self […]

Tuesday October 30, 2012 21:06

Okkadine (Music review), Telugu – Karthik

Seethakoka nachchave is lively and animated, even as the verses by Dharshana extend interestingly longer than usual. Shweta Mohan is fantastic in Hey po, that, despite a stock rhythm, manages to impress with its peppy tune. Dola dola dola is splendid – there’s a lot of Rahman in the orchestration, but with Karthik’s own unique […]

Monday October 29, 2012 21:33

Genius (Music review), Telugu – Joshua Sridhar

Benny and Apoorva whip up a heady kuthu in Chirigina notu! Joshua gets Shweta Mohan into his Kalloori groove in Yevevo kalale – lovely tune, well-orchestrated. But his boringly repetitive patterns emerge in Ambani alludaina and Yededa – painfully bland. Even Ye navvu venakala is no different, but for spirited vocals by Shankar Mahadevan, while […]

Lonely in insanely… insane; an atrocious hodge-podge of assorted genres, topped by Himesh’s ‘lonely lonely’ nose. Balma attempts aping Pancham, with middling results, thanks solely to Shreya. Long drive‘s hiphop Punju sound is appealing, courtesy Mika’s vocals, while, barring Himesh’s horrendous singing, Sari sari raat‘s melody is actually endearing! Hookah bar is terrible techno, even […]

Saturday October 27, 2012 21:58

Bus Stop (Music review), Telugu – JB & G.Anil

JB’s title song is a zingy string of musical phrases and dialogs… all catchy and very Harris Jayaraj’ish! His other song, Kalalake kanulochina is fantastic – lovely melody wonderfully sung by Revanth, while his theme music, with its Sasi Pritam-style, is endearing. Composer G.Anil brings some masala with I love you and Pattuko pattuko, the […]

Saturday October 27, 2012 21:56

Ek Din (Music review), Kavita Seth

Tere khayal, seemingly using Maand raga, sounds lovely in Kavita’s evocative voice, while the breezy Yun toh naadan takes cues from Pritam’s style. Chahe dard de and Iss tasavvur hold gorgeous tunes; Kavita‚Äôs tunes and choice of instruments work in their favor; the former’s Charukesi and saarangi base and the latter’s santoor base helps in […]

Sehra sehra is a wonderful re-introduction to the trio that created magic back in 2001 – Ustad Sultan Khan, Chitra and Sandesh Shandilya. Mehboob joins them this time, for the lyrics. The sound of the song is very Indipop’ish along with the trademark saarangi fusion. The much-attempted Kesariya gets a solo in Ustad’s spectacular voice […]

Naa manasupai sounds exactly like something Harris Jayaraj would compose in his sleep; entirely predictable and adequately soporific. Neethone unna is thankfully interesting, however – an odd, meditative 80s pop rhythm for a lovely tune and sung well by Mickey himself. A similar attempt in Vela talukutaarale falls flat with its archaic and drowsy sound. […]

The title song, with its synthetic outlook and staid chorus, sounds jaded. Jillumandi fares significantly better – the tune is vintage Raja seduction, but for the modern trappings. Vechaani vayasu, the Telugu remix of Machaana paatheengala, from Raja’s Tamil debut, Annakkili, and Raathiri, Tami-remix (!) of Johnny’s Aasaiya kaathula sound scintillating even today! Nanu neetho‘s […]

As I had confessed in my Facebook update, I’m a dead slow reader of printed books. I see to consume more per book in audiobook format or even ebooks format, both on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (no, not on a tablet or Kindle!). I intentionally bought a print version of Baradwaj Rangan’s book on Mani […]

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